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    Buffalo, Montaine or Snugpack fibre pile and pertex - which is best?

    As it says in the heading Looking to buy a fibre pile pertex fleece, being right at the top end of the clothing scale roominess is also a factor. Any thoughts?
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    Dutch Army Saracen - faded and no side pockets

    Just putting this out there and seeing what happens.
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    Looking for a good quality Lowe Saracen

    Hi all, Looking for a good quality Lowe Saracen, please PM me if you have one / know of one. Cheers H
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    Looking for a Lowe Saracen please pm me

    Hi All, looking for a Lowe Saracen please PM me if you are interested. Please feel free to move this post if it is in the wrong place. Thanks Jim
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    best knot to secure to a tent peg - constrictor knot

    Just to allow folk the fun of contributing and stimulate discussion. I need a knot that will grip the top of a tent peg with a wasp waist. The knot is to secure cordage to an alloy tent peg that will have a loop tp attach shock cord to.
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    Replacement poles for a dutch army hooped bivvy XL pref

    Hi, I have a Dutch hooped bivvy bag but without the poles. I've tried normal replacement poles but no joy as they just crack. Does anyone know where I could get replacement poles that can do the job, preferably aluminium? My mate has got the normal hooped bivvy so he can use them if too small...
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    Looking for a kettle - MSR or Tatonka

    Looking for a kettle to go into my PLCE sidepouch to boil water and cook my boil in the bags. What is the view on this forum? Cheers H
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    Any good places to practice bushcraft in the Sheffield area?

    Looking for a good place to practice bushcraft around Sheffield, feel free to PM me if you'd rather not put it on a public forum. Cheers H
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    Poles for Dutch Army hooped bivvy

    Hi I have an extra large Dutch DPM bivvy, my mate lent me some fibre glass tent poles but they snapped. Before I do spend hours looking does anyone know what tent poles will fit it, thinking about some aluminium poles for reliabilty. Cheers H
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    Good place to get a Lowe Alpine Strike 40 L + 20L daysack

    Ebay brings up nothing at all, not fussed if it is DPM or OG. So far cheapest is Cadetdirect at £95. Cheers Sorry I didn't pick up your PM Twodogs .
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    Problems with Coleman Peak Feather stove

    Bought one of these second hand to play with and my mate did too. On the first meal cooked with his there was flames coming out of the burner unit - a bit worrying. When I was using my one for no apparent reason it just stopped working. When I repressurised it fuel didn't come out of the...
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    Folding Esbit cookers - where to find them cheaply

    Trying to find a cheap folding Esbit cooker like the British hexy ones. Anyone know where I could buy one cheaply? Cheers
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    Help needed - Dutch Army rucksack

    Have tried and tried to get a Dutch Army Strike 45 L or so daysack and no joy, Endicotts are now unable to get an order in. Have tried to look elsewhere for them but no joy. Could anyone please point me in the right direction? Cheers
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    Benefits of backups

    Went for an overnighter with my chum in the wilds of Nottinghamshire last night and did a bit of firelighting practice this morning. It was damp to start off with and had rained overnight. It was quite an eye opener how my skills had faded with lack of use and practice in extreme damp...
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    German Army pen knife

    I bought a Mauser pen knife but lost it after it not being returned. Saw a firm advertising these but I am not sure about the quality. Got a message from someone on another forum who had bought the miltec version and said it was very poor quality. Has anyone any experience of these? Thanks...
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    All weather blankets Brill piece of kit, had one in the early 90's but has fallen apart now. Does anyone know who stocks these in the UK, preferably Olive. Really like the one with the hood and the hand parts. Weel worth a look at. Thanks for you help
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    Reusable space blanket

    I bought a thermaflect reusable space blanket in woodland pattern from survival aids in 1989 as opposed to the flimsy single use ones. Alas it has now fell apart but I can't find a replacement. Does anyone know where I can get one from, searches of ebay haven't produced the goods. Green would be...