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  1. Billy-o

    The Jukebox

  2. Billy-o

    Waxed some canvas today

    Nice. Coconut oil. Never thought of using that. Too warm here in the summer, I think. Though having just fully reread you post, its not as warm as Costa Rica :):) I waxed a couple of bags with just beeswax a while ago. Works great, but they smell rather of honey now
  3. Billy-o

    Happy Birthday Oldtimer!

    Happy Birthday :)
  4. Billy-o

    A new way to make cordage :)

    That is a very handsome basket. I would like one
  5. Billy-o

    Slow sales?

    Possibly the collateral and long-term impacts of Covid, Brexit, Cop26 etc. make people feel less sure about money. Inflation is at 3%, expected to be above 4.5% soon, and this is being signalled in different ways. (Mind, I am sure I remember inflation at +20% in the 70s). On the other hand...
  6. Billy-o

    Border or Northumbria

    Barbours, I mean Just seeing my old and derelict Solway off, and will scour eBay for its replacement (vintage, that is) What do people think are the different merits of the Border and the Northumbria? :)
  7. Billy-o

    BBC Article - How more of us are leaving screens behind to work outdoors

    Cuts both ways, I think. If people are really unhappy in the city and it doesn't suit them and they get depressed and difficult and complainy, it is better for both the city and the country if they leave the city and go where they are happy. Me, on balance and having lived in both about the...
  8. Billy-o

    What did you buy today?

    I have never though to recycle those little ally pots ... but will now, if only to save a trip to Ikea.
  9. Billy-o


    They mostly look a bit like they are supposed to be where you found them, doing what they are doing now; i.e. waiting around to stepped on. :) The big bit in the first pic looks like it suffered in a demolition. Has your house had any obvious alterations in the past, like turning a pantry into...
  10. Billy-o

    Old school thick and super sticky zinc oxide tape?

    There's the 'skin-off-the-top-of-a-mushroom' trick too.
  11. Billy-o

    Enzo trapper grind

    Soft heat treat for the win, in general.
  12. Billy-o

    Old school thick and super sticky zinc oxide tape?

    I think maybe you have stumbled on the solution (You can see what I did there, right:))
  13. Billy-o

    Old school thick and super sticky zinc oxide tape?

    That sounds like a horrific pest, a permanently open wound like that, Stew. I use sudocrem to cure all ills, but I sometimes wonder what else it is suppressing. Just ordinary health paranoia, I think, and still, no ill-effects yet. This just me being curious: has it kept bleeding; or, has it...
  14. Billy-o

    Old school thick and super sticky zinc oxide tape?

    What you done to yourself Stew?
  15. Billy-o

    Old school thick and super sticky zinc oxide tape?

    Leukotape, Stew, Leukotape!!! Amazing stuff. It don't come off.
  16. Billy-o


    :) Ah, must be getting my avatars mixed up, I think. My mum and dad wanted to move back to Devon at one point. Wish they had.
  17. Billy-o


    There's other bits??!!! :) Have I got this right; you are in Wales? I lived in the Rhondda as a kid ... there was slate all over the place. But I think mainly from the north and mid Wales - I don't remember seeing slate quarries in the south ... blue pennant quarries everywhere there was house...
  18. Billy-o


    We haven't seen this piece of stone yet, TeeDee :) Is there any obvious mortar staining on it? Has it got a crisply cut or a crumbly, ragged edge?
  19. Billy-o


    Could be a lintel or some other part of a doorway ... too narrow to cantilver into the wall or for a sill Too small for a water trough too ... given your mention of a ford. Though if you find some more you may have the makings of rather nice planter :)