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  1. Laurentius

    Saw Point

    TBH I find all saws to be much of a muchness, either they cut or they don't.
  2. Laurentius

    Suggestions for a legal carry

    You say "the law" as if it is a scientific constant, but it is not, it is judged in courts and unequally applied according to status and access to legal counsel. I think you will find that many people have been convicted on the basis of confessing to something under pressure that they could have...
  3. Laurentius

    Japanese multi purpose knife-like gardening tool?

    Interesting that Japan has a reputation for good design and quality steel, I wish the same could be said for China. The majority of Uk tools from once reputable manufacturers who would use anything less than Sheffield Steel (unless it came from Bilston) now use absolutely crap steel. I am used...
  4. Laurentius

    Suggestions for a legal carry

    Apart from the fact that they are rather expensive, I think they are also an example of stretching the case of what is legal somewhat. I do not want to carry something I would need a barrister to explain. Nothing wrong with spyderco, I have one or two of them myself but even the smaller of them...
  5. Laurentius

    Suggestions for a legal carry

    Nearest thing I suppose to actual everyday carry is my leatherman squirt, as that is on my keyring, however after that comes the SAK Farmer X which has the most useful and often used tools on it. I see rough rider being mentioned, I have a couple of them, not bad at all for opening letters...
  6. Laurentius

    awright troops!

    Whisky and things with an edge do not always mix, be careful. I have an appreciation for both and sticking plasters and bandage close by :)
  7. Laurentius

    My first self forged knife

    For me that is something still on my bucket list. My brother however has been spending his time trying to cold forge a knife! It is impossible to convince him that it is not going to be the finest blade in the land :) I am sure you are going to be both happy to have made something with your own...
  8. Laurentius

    Fires galore

    I have built a fire place out of bricks I have dug up, surrounded by earth and using an old fire grate complete with ash pan, that is certainly not going to be a risk.
  9. Laurentius

    Fires galore

    There are fires, and there are contained fires, I do not light fires where they are not welcome, but I do not consider using something like a small stove, whether wood burning or a trangia in that capacity. I use a fibreglass mat to ensure that there is no damage to the ground. On my own bit of...
  10. Laurentius

    The man who has lived as a hermit for 40 years

    I agree, was going to draw parallels to my own choices as I get older. I have not seen the documentary because I don't have a TV licence and don't watch TV but I have read about him. My mum was severely disabled and died before her time, but she died still having a purpose to her life and things...
  11. Laurentius

    The man who has lived as a hermit for 40 years

    I am a wannabe hermit, who lives in a block of flat with neighbours which is basically the reason I like to get out and about as often as possible as the quiet life is not possible here. I would rather die out of doors than in my flat. It is difficult finding a wilderness to make your own on an...
  12. Laurentius

    Tree Warden

    Some time ago I emailed the contact I had found on line about Tree Wardens locally as I was interested but I never got a reply. Still why should I care, do I need a badge to care about trees and watch out for them?
  13. Laurentius

    Micarta (Tufnol) vs Stabilised wood on stainless steel?

    I really do not like Formica or whatever it is called these days, but then you know some folks like plastic so what can you do? It is purely a matter of personal aesthetic preference and what you find comfortable to use. I like antler, wood I have grown myself or leather (which I have not grown...
  14. Laurentius

    Wool blanket

    Well you could start with raising sheep, then shearing them, then carding and spinning the wool, then dying it and weaving it, I reckon that would do you. Otherwise I guess looking for vintage blankets on Ebay, Pendleton, Witney, Otterburn and such.
  15. Laurentius

    Pot size for solo hiker.

    Whatever floats your boat and how hungry you are. I think as a rule an english pint is sufficient or in metric terms 700 of your millilitres. Keeps you slim though :)
  16. Laurentius

    My New Gang

    Despite its 170 years, I had never heard of the Royal Agricultural University until relatively recently, perhaps because unlike Harper Adams, it has never featured in the Archers :)
  17. Laurentius

    Fire pistons, what's "the knack"?

    Never managed to get one to work either.
  18. Laurentius

    Buffalo Special 6 - astonished

    I have a special six and a windshirt. I wear the windshirt more often than the special six, because the pile and pertex item is not all that packable and altogether too warm in anything but the coldest of weather.
  19. Laurentius

    Face book ?

    What did you do during the great Facebook outage daddy?
  20. Laurentius

    Petrol and Diesel Shortages

    Tongue in cheek, I thought we were all supposed to be Bushcrafters. Did Oetzi need a tank full of diesel to cross the alps? Did Daniel Boone? Did Robert Louis Stevenson did Daniel Boone, but where can I find a half decent donkey these days?