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  1. 21st century pict

    Boker Gnome Trade

    Hi, I have a mint condition Boker Plus Gnome Neck Knife the green canvas Micarta scales mod still in the box up for trade.I'm looking for a Mil-Tec Flecktarn Tarp in A1 condition.image upload. free image upload Cheers
  2. 21st century pict

    Boker Gnome Neck Knife to Trade

    Hi, I have an unused mint condition Boker Plus Gnome Neck Knife the green canvas Micarta scales mod still in the box up for trade. I'm looking for either a Mil-Tec Flecktarn Tarp in A1 condition or the old style Kershaw Amphibian with the black leather boot sheath. Cheers.
  3. 21st century pict

    Bird ID help

    Hi avian fans, I found this skull today, first of, from the shape of the beak, am I correct in assuming its an owl, secondly, unfortunately my field guide only shows one owl skull and I don't think its a Barn owl. Just curious really but cheers for any replies in advance. .
  4. 21st century pict

    Landi Knives CT5 or 6 ?

    Hi All Quick question, I'm in the market for a new general purpose Camp/Trail blade, one of the options I was looking at was the Landi CT5 or CT6, A2 Steel, it's quite hard to tell which is the best size for me from a picture on the net so has anyone here used either one? any good? or would...
  5. 21st century pict

    Woman's Sleeping Bag Recommendations

    Hi I'm trying to find a good 3 sleeping season bag for my girlfriend, hight 5'6'' it's got to be quite small when packed (has to fit in a 30 L pack) also going to use it with a Alpkit Hunka bivi bag if that help, looking at say a 100 pound budget, any advise most welcome. Cheers for any replies...
  6. 21st century pict

    First Impressions & double take.

    I thought I would share a this one , It had me scratching my head for a bit. So I was out today for an hour trying out my new glasses (not working out to well) anyhoo so while practising an extended 10 step exercise "50 paces" maybe only five minuets after laying out the track I found this and...
  7. 21st century pict

    Chlorine Diox Tablets & Camelbak Bladder.

    I'm planing on fitting a Sawyer mini water filter, (in-line style) to my Camelbak tube and when necessary just adding Chlorine Diox C102 tablets to the Camelbak reservoir to deal with the nasties, however someone said there could be a problem with adding some tablets to some bags, any advice on...
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    iTrack Wildlife - Animal Tracks apps.

    Hi, I was just wondering if anyone had tried the iTrack Wildlife - Animal Tracks app, from Google Play or the Apple App Store, I was wanting to review it for the Trackers Group reading list and sources but 12 quid is a bit to rich for me, So a quick Question for anyone who has used it , good...
  9. 21st century pict

    Lodgepole Pine Arrow Shafts

    Making a Bow with a string:confused:... So I set out today with the intention of going to stand of Hazel I know for some arrow shafts and testing the new addition to my survival kit, However on route and just after recceing an abandoned camp site ( Ill get back to that story later) I found a...
  10. 21st century pict

    Mil-Tec Flecktarn Tarp

    Hi I'm currently in the market for a new lightweight tarp to replace my MOD issue job and was wondering if anyone out there had some good long term use out of their Mil Tec tarp so Good, Bad, worth the 35 quid? Cheers for any replies in advance.
  11. 21st century pict

    Gift or Give away Kit Section

    Yesterday, "not mentioning any names" someone PM me and very kindly offered me some bronze. Today Skog is offering some shotgun cartridges to members to make their own waterproof match case. So how about adding under the, Members Classified andSwap Shopa Gift or Give Away Kit section, just to...
  12. 21st century pict


    Hi, I found a nice big bit of rose wood washed up on the beach the other night, perfect for the scales of a knife or sword handle, so now I'm back in the mood to try casting a bronze knife. So here's is my question, I can pick-up the copper all over the place no problem, I just have to walk out...
  13. 21st century pict

    WANTED Iron Pyrite or Marcasite nodule.

    EDIT Now Sorted out with Some Pyrite, not one but two offers :-)) Cheers Samon & Fishfish, BCUK :You_Rock_ Hi there, as above, I'm looking for some Iron Pyrite or Marcasite nodules about the size of a hens egg for a primitive fire kit, I haven't got a clue what to trade it for :confused:, at...
  14. 21st century pict

    Iron Pyrite & Marcasite

    Hi Q, any geologists or amateur rockhound's out there who can give me a quick lesson on the occurrence of Iron Pyrite or Marcasite in NE Scotland ? I want a couple of nodules to put a primitive fire lighting kit together. Another quick question, there is no flint up here, but there is some...
  15. 21st century pict

    chaga fungus ID 2nd opinion

    Found this yesterday and need a second opinion, on dead Birch, black on the outside, golden / ginger brown on the inside with a soft spongy texture, Chaga or just some funky wood rot? Cheers. PS Happy Solstice. free upload
  16. 21st century pict

    Fresnel lens

    I was reading through some of the early posts on posable fire lighting techniques on the BG Island show, one member mentiond using a pair of reading glasses , it was a nice sunny day so I gave it a go on some char cloth , the spot wasn't to great but I got the cloth going easily enough, another...
  17. 21st century pict

    Wanted Benchmade Folding Dive Knife.

    As above,, looking for a Benchmade H2o folding dive knife in black Got some nice broadheads to trade or other bits to possibly temt someone. If anyone knows a UK dealer for the knife please let me know Cheers:-)
  18. 21st century pict

    Wanted Benchmade H20 Folding Dive Knife.

    Hi Guys Sorry if this isn't the right place for the post but not sure were else to try. I'm going on another coastal trip and need a small knife that can handle a fair bit of salt water submersion and sand so I'm on the lookout for a UK supplier of a Benchmade H20 folding dive knife in black...
  19. 21st century pict

    Lost images

    Hi All I was just looking over my old Tracking posts for an image of a deer track and most of my images have gone what’s the point of a sticky thread like this Links thread for tracks and sign if the images time out so to speak, What have I done Wrong.
  20. 21st century pict

    Wanted Swiss M1 Stoves ,trade for Tracking, Canoeing Book's

    I currently find myself in need of some Swiss M1 Army stoves for cacheing along with all the regular stuff, 50cal ammo box, 30mm Brass Aden shell for a canoe pole shoe and some Brass 50Cal Shells for wading pole's, a 32GB branded micro sdhs card class 6 or 10 would be very good also wanted some...