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  1. Toadflax

    Some of my leather work this year

    It's been a long time since I posted on BCUK but we have had big changes in our lifestyle, and I'm now doing leather work full-time on the Isle of Harris. It's been a busy season, over the (non) summer that we have had here, with lots of rain and lots of craft markets, but the tourists are...
  2. Toadflax

    Anybody make leather water bottles?

    I've had an enquiry to my online shop with someone wanting a leather water bottle. I don't do these at present and I'm in the middle of moving house, but if anybody does these for sale, can you please PM me with contact details, and I can pass them on to the enquirer? Thanks Geoff
  3. Toadflax

    ID of unusual item?

    While clearing out the loft, we discovered this thing. From the piece of Christmas wrapping paper around it, it seems to date from around the 1950s. It is canvas and wood, with a construction similar to a deck chair, that allows the slope of the back to be adjusted. The best that I could come up...
  4. Toadflax

    Bridle leather watch strap

    The old strap on my nice watch has long needed replacing, so it seemed a good idea to try making one. I wanted to do a decent one, so I've made this from some of the spare pieces of Baker's oak-tanned bridle leather that I had left over from my belt making. The bridle butt is a bit thick for a...
  5. Toadflax

    Bridle leather belt

    It's been a while since I posted any pictures of my leatherwork, but my camera work is improving, and this picture turned out really nicely. It's one of my bridle leather belts, made with oak-bark tanned leather from the last remaining traditional tannery left in England...
  6. Toadflax

    BMW R80, reg 1990, two owners, 40,000 miles

    I have for sale this very nice BMW R80, which I have owned since 2002, but which has been garaged since 2006. I put in some new petrol, bought a new battery, and hey presto, pressed the starter and it starts straight away. Just over 40,000 miles, two owners, myself and previous owner was...
  7. Toadflax

    GPS with paper maps

    I know this must have been asked before, but searching brings up so many hits. Being 'old school' I still like using map and compass, but am wondering about getting a handheld GPS as a backup for when walking alone, or as a help in 'get me out of here' when the weather clamps down. I.e...
  8. Toadflax

    Shooting stick repair

    I've not posted on here for a while, having been very busy with making stuff for Christmas, then having a break, but have just had a nice little job to repair a shooting stick. A nice old "Featherwate" shooting stick, which was originally owned by the customer's grandfather. Sadly, the original...
  9. Toadflax

    Journal paper refills?

    I've had a few requests recently for leather journal covers, but am having trouble finding a supply of some nice paper inserts to go inside. I'd like an insert that complements the leather nicely, so handmade paper inserts would be good, if perhaps expensive. If anyone has any suggestions for...
  10. Toadflax

    Woodburner advice, please

    We're looking at woodburners, really just as a feature /general heat source in the living room, so would be a relatively small one, but have a few questions and wondered if anyone here could advise. We have been googling, but first hand accounts are always useful. 1. Wood burner or multi-fuel...
  11. Toadflax

    A belt, a key case, a sheath

    A couple I met at a recent craft fair commissioned me to make a few items for them. The lady wanted one of my tan bridle leather belts. The leather is traditionally tanned (oak-bark) English bridle leather, with a solid brass, nickel plated, hand cast /sand cast English made brass buckle...
  12. Toadflax

    Oak-bark tanned bridle leather belts

    I have several of these belts available, handmade by me, and long enough so that they can be cut to fit a trouser waist size up to about 48". They are available in black, Australian Nut (a darkish brown with a hint of red - a classic colour of the saddlery trade) and London Tan. Here are some...
  13. Toadflax

    Re-bristling an old scrubbing brush

    I'm clearing out the shed and garage and have come across a couple of old scrubbing brushes that are losing their bristles - or rather they look to be plant /wood fibre, rather than bristle. I'd be interested in re-bristling them, as they have come down through the family, so I wondered if...
  14. Toadflax

    'HotPot' solar cooker

    Cook your dinner using only the Sun? It is possible, even in the UK. If you're not a climate change sceptic, this may be the future for cooking in the UK! ;) I have an almost new HotPot solar cooker for sale. It comprises a 3-quart, black-enameled steel pot supported by its rim inside a...
  15. Toadflax

    Some leather drinking vessels

    I've been doing a bit of a photo shoot today to update some of the stock pictures of my wares, and particularly liked this one. I think I may call this the Grandfather, Father, Son collection. I make need to take the ones that I use into the garden a bit later and test them! Geoff
  16. Toadflax

    Three bridle leather belts

    I've just finished these three bridle leather belts, all made with Baker's traditionally oak-bark tanned bridle leather, arguably the best leather you can buy. The one inch belt is black, with the 1 1/4 inch belts in London Tan and Australian Nut. All the buckles are solid brass, with the buckle...
  17. Toadflax

    Ashdown ABM C210T-500 Combo bass amp

    Perhaps a bit of a long shot on this forum, but worth a try. A reluctant sale, as this is a really cracking bass amp, but I’m finding it too heavy for me to lug in and out of the car nowadays (now I’m getting older!), and I’ve got myself a lighter one. The combo is an Ashdown ABM 575W head...
  18. Toadflax

    Bushcooker wood gas stove

    This is the official European manufactured clone of the successful BushBuddy wood gas stove. Rather than have me describe how it works, you are best looking at the BushCooker site: or the BushBuddy site: When properly...
  19. Toadflax

    A collection of leather goods for craft fair

    With a craft fair in the local market place next Saturday, I thought I'd get out all my stuff for a photo, and here it is. It never looks quite so much when it's all boxed up. Geoff :)
  20. Toadflax

    Thermarest repair advice?

    On the principle of "a Yorkshireman is a mean Scotsman", I don't want to shell out for a full Thermarest repair kit when all I need is some appropriate glue. Does anyone know if you can use bicycle type rubber glue on these? My mat is about 15 years old (looks similar to the new Basecamp model...