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    Rab alpine 900 -18c bag 232 quid

    i believe this is a bargain, but if not do tell. Far too warm for me, ill never need it unless i start going to norway, but for 232 quid you get this...
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    Tempering stainless carbon steel after welding ?

    if you weld carbon stainless how do you temper the weldplease ?
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    Pine Martins and Squirrels

    Apparently pine martins are back to appearing in unexpected places Which is good news for red squirrels...
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    Petrochemicals 3,333 post competition.* ENDED SUPPLY ADDRESSES PLEASE*

    As is customary, a competition upon post milestones. I never did a 1,000 post competition, so here goes. The prize is a holder for a trangia burner. Open to johnny foreigners too.. What number between 1 and 1000 have I in mind ? Standard format,enter your name and guess, copy and paste from...
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    Hammock Tent

    For the times you find yourself treeless
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    Slug breeding

    Unashamedly in full sight ! Seems to be risking being eaten. I wonder whether one colours the male and the others the female
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    Unhappy Earth Overshoot Day

    Further to the posts about earths population, global warming etc, today is "Earth overshoot Day". This is the day where one years worth of resources of Earth are used up in the callender year...
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    Talking of bargains
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    Free Ration packs anybody want em ? Pay the p and p

    I have 2 ration packs with things like tea bags sterile wipes, tuna and mayonaise etc. 1.5 kg each. The use by dates are pretty much out so they are for use in the next month or so. Postage royal mail small parcel at 3.50 each
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    Ultralight sleeping bag mountain hardwear hyperlamina

    Mountain hardwear hyperlamina with central zip, for thoes looking for an ultralight synthertic to lighten there load...
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    Ecologically reasonable insulated Jacket

    I am looking for an insulated jacket, the one I have is synthetic, it it getting to be thin., which means the insulation has washed away and is inside of the cod i will have with chips in a years time. I have looked at down and wool as an alternate. Do you have any ideas of jackets of...
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    The ambiguity of knife law

    I have just seen Theresa may arguing with Corbyn, Theresa made a statement about getting caught twice with a knife means that you go on holiday. Given that 1 The courts are innstructed to follow a 100 percent procecution rate 2 The reason for having an offending article on you is upto the...
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    Rab womens sleeping bag bargain - now sold out If only i was a woman.
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    Where to get very stiff titanium wire from please ?

    I have been using very stiff steel high tensile wire for support for a bivvy bag, sort of like poles, only much lighter and easier to pack. I think its sort of fencing wire, the sort that breaks your cutters. In replacing it I thought i would go for some stuff that doesnt rust, so do you know of...
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    I Blame Ray Mears

    Here's some more birch pictures of bircha, good illustration, nice and thick with both layers visible. I'd say if the tree is not yeilding the bark there is no hope of not damaging it. And also as you can see the bark is not exactly flawless
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    What do you reccon to these soil layers?

    I found these exposed soil layers, quite interesting, 3 layers, current brown layer divided by a small black line, I suppose from the burning of the land, then a very dark brown gray layer and then a sandy gravelly layer. The gravel at the bottom is just the accumulation that falls out of the...
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    Weird weather !

    We've been having weird weather this afternoon, unlike ive ever had. We had lighning last night/early morning for about 4 hours, with the associated rain and this afternoon the humidity was suffocating. Then the sky rumbled and rumbled and rumbled continuously without a break for half an hour...
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    Things ive found in the garden

    Ive found another one today, a nodule of slag i think, its got copper pieces and silver metalic stuff that gives a medium hardness hacksaw and medium hardness file trouble. A couple of years ago i also found this, made from the almost pure clay found under the soil. Some sort of scraper, not...
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    Things ive found in the garden

    Ive found another one today, a nodule of slag i think, its got copper pieces and silver metalic stuff that gives a medium hardness hacksaw and medium hardness file trouble.
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    what is this charcoal stuff please

    When having a barbecue I have come across. Pieces of what I think is wood charcoal that will not burn. They sort of flake and oxidide a very little bit. These pieces have growthrings andusual fibre charcoal structure. To get them to burn after 2 hours in a barbecue, I transferred them to a...