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    Attention Tiki !!!

    Please clear your PM inbox Mr Tiki.
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    Trailfood of the Crusades

    Aldi have this, and pretty dam tasty it is too.
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    Canvas Tarps, 3m x 3m

    3m x 3m tarps in brown or dark olive 280gsm cotton tent canvas. Treated for water- & rot-resistance by the manufacturer. 19 tie-outs in the configuration shown. Supplied in same fabric drawstring bag £99 fully inclusive to a mainland UK address if ordered before midnight, 01 January...
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    Tarps, Fire & Wind

    I don't do fires very often as the smoke flays me, but I may be having one before so long and I have a little query. If you were to set a couple of similar tarps as lean-tos or wind-sheds, opposite each other, with a fire between them, how would you pitch them in relation to the prevailing...
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    Head-up; Merino base layers

    Aldi, today, 27 Nov. L/s tops & LJs £14.99 apiece.
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    Knitting with Knotweed

    Not quite; but a catchy title and an intersting vid... Lots more interesting stuff on this page ...
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    Dewi, Dewi, Dewi!

    Make some space in your PM inbox, please.
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    Nothing to do with laundry ...

    A couple of recent completions ... Apologies for the picture quality.
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    Chill out ...
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    Peaches in Paris, Bananas in Boston?

    Fruit walls; check 'em out!
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    Test 20151117

    Hello, I'm having some problems posting using my PC. When I try to post in a thread Idon't get the usual screen, but this one...The only way I can post pictures is bu pasting 3rd party links such as the one above, and then there is no formatting to speak of. No paragraph breaks etc. All is just...
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    Canvas Tarp

    3m x 3m tarp in red 280gsm cotton canvas. Fitted with 19 tieouts, 2 centre panel pullouts to maximise space, and 3 lantern loops (webbing loops under the ridge tieouts to hang lanterns, midgie nets etc). Ready to go. Rigging gear not included SOLD
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    Bedroll Upgrade (pic heavy)

    About this time last year I had finished my first attempt at a bedroll and sent it away to be reviewed. Since then I have made a few more, each one being, hopefully, better than its predecessor as I added new ideas to the basic design. A sort of rolling r&d, if you like By the by, I felt the...
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    Tony, your PM inbox is full!

    As per title.
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    Happy Birthday, Macaroon.

    Happy Birthday, Mac, and many happy returns of the day. :) It's mine too, but I must not have put my DOB in when I regd.
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    Just saw this in another place and thought it was worth linking here...
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    Polski Lavvu Mod

    Polish Lavvu Modification as used by Bushcrafters at home and abroad on Arctic expeditions Includes: Basic Polish Lavvu kit. Extra upright & crossbar to for goalpost pole. Approx. 4' proofed canvas insert, generally in a lighter shade to allow light into the tent when it's closed up...
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    Fabric Quest

    Does anyone know where I might obtain, in UK, 1000 Denier waterproof Cordura in coyote brown? I've googled until my google-fu is well and truly fu'd and I can't find any. :?
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    Bivy Transformation

    Someone here suggested replacing the bootlace type drawstring of the army bivybag with amsteel, so I did. And what a change for the better; very slick indeed. Definitely a good move. :)
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    Canvas Tarps

    Canvas Tarps Made to order in premium quality, 280gsm, cotton tent canvas. Available in Green, Brown, Red & Beige (not pictured) 3m x 3m with 19 tie-outs; £99.00 fully inclusive to a UK address. PM me for other sizes & prices