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  1. Steve M

    size is important

    Can anyone who has seen them side by side tell me which if the lightweight spoons has the biggest head? I've lost my fave old one and it's time to get another, but I can't stand small spoons. Also must have solid handle, none of that folding lark. And definitely no sporks! Cheers Steve
  2. Steve M

    Metal Tool Manufacture in a Survival Situation

    So yes, it's unlikely that the uninitiated tool maker such as myself would be able to manufacture a hardened and tempered tool in the wild, though I could sharpen it. Instead, I would be much more likely to attempt to create some form of natural tool from stone or make do some other way...
  3. Steve M

    State your position

    I was talking about this in the pub the other day. Lat and Lon can be written in so many different ways it can be confusing how to state them, so I wrote this article on the matter. Comments always welcome.
  4. Steve M

    The emergency services numbers

    I started looking into the powers of 112 and came up with quite a lot of interesting bits and bobs which I compiled into an article. Did you know you can text it for instance? If anyone knows of any other...
  5. Steve M

    That "Best Survivor" question with a poll

    Here you can find a poll with an almost complete list of survival personalities with that age old question of who would last the longest or get out first. Currently, Dave Canterbury is leading with Ray Mears and Lofty jostling for second place...
  6. Steve M

    Dartmoor baby torch

    Whilst out on Dartmoor last, someone had a baby torch which was really quite usefully bright. I'm looking for something small and bright, no matter about epic lifespan, and it doesn't need to be bright enough to lamp rabbits, the priority is small (keyring small) and not dim. Are you here...
  7. Steve M

    Flood Survival

    As you may know, we in Clovelly had quite a time with a flash flood recently. Much of the footage was mine. As a survival instructor, it inspired me to write an article. And here it is. Also available on Facebook...
  8. Steve M

    fancy spoony wood

    I'm looking to make a love spoon for a wedding present this coming week and wondered if anyone had a source for some fancy wood that I could make a purchase from.
  9. Steve M

    Acronyms and Aide Mémoires

    I taught PLAN (Protection, Location, Acquisition, Navigation) for years at Trueways, because that's the way it was taught there and it made sense at the time. Since then, I've been in contact with some of the old students and noted that they had mostly forgotten some aspect of it. I have found...
  10. Steve M

    Wild Food and Natural Resources Course ... one season in

    I've had good feedback about the course I'm publishing on my blog (which is also available on Facebook) and so have published a summary. If you're following it, then I hope you've enjoyed it so far and if not, then I'm going to go over a few of the major points as we progress into summer...
  11. Steve M

    Glyn David - I can't find him

    Bit of an appeal here. My friend and former mentor Glyn David has fallen off of the map. Last time I spoke to him, he was in hospital in Switzerland and since then his phones, email, skype and all have stopped working. I am completely at a loss as to how to get hold of him, so if any of you have...
  12. Steve M

    UK Gov petition to force debate on VAT on fuel for Air Ambulances

    Calling all Brits who think Air Ambulances should not have to pay VAT on fuel. Please take a moment to sign this government petition to force the debate in parliament. Cheers all
  13. Steve M

    is this hogweed?

    Or not? I'm finding this a tough one to crack and am of course concerned about its family.
  14. Steve M

    Free Wild Food and Natural Resources Course

    This month, I've started publishing an online course on Wild Food and Natural Resources on my blog, Survival's Cool. The first post is March Set One. You can find an index of all the posts associated with it by searching for the NRC tag or subscribing there. I'm also posting on the Facebook...
  15. Steve M

    What do Survival Instructors Do?

    I so went there! If you intend to share on Facebook, please click it for the original.
  16. Steve M

    sleeping bag with wiggle room

    I'm 6'3" and broad (but not massive). I've got a Softie 9 and I could really do with more wriggle room. Can anyone recommend a good -5/-10 sleeping bag which I can move around in a bit. Pack size and weight more important than cost. Cheers
  17. Steve M

    About time again

    Isn't it about time we had a gathering in the woods?
  18. Steve M

    Radio 4 series on now - Stone Axe info

    The history of the world in 100 objects. Stone Axe It's one now, but will be available on listen again, I'm sure.
  19. Steve M

    This weekend

    Joy(R) and I are going to spend a night out in some woods we've acquired permission to use this Saturday. They are located between Bideford and Torrington. PM me for more details.
  20. Steve M

    wanted - filleting knife

    I could do with a cheap, stainless, fixed, sheathed filleting knife if anyone has upgraded from their budget version. Cheers