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    Sorry for the delay, have flu. Working on auto ATM. Looked at the lavvus and will have them with...

    Sorry for the delay, have flu. Working on auto ATM. Looked at the lavvus and will have them with you by the month end. Back to bed :(
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    Sleeping bag suggestions for 6'5' fella

    Alpkit do XL bags but I've not used one. I'm 6'6" and use a 3 season Macpac Endeavour which is excellent and works well in the winter with a suitable liner. I got it from ebay and I think it's worth running an ongoing search in the sleeping bags category for, '4 season XL' or something similar...
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    Rough Close Meet ~ 08 - 10 September '17

    Mis-post; clash of committments. :(
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    Happy Birthday Macaroon :D

    Many happy returns, Mac. :)
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    My wife of 16 years passed away tonight.

    My condolences to you and yours, Malcolm.
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    Stove gear

    Double post - void.
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    Stove gear

    Yes, please. You'll have a PM shortly.
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    EPI gas burner for Trangia

    You could do worse than ask the good people at Classic Camp Stoves.
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    A very silly hat

    Hmm, Maun Industries tools; good stuff. Nice hat, too. :)
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    Change a Letter

    tricky ...
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    Change a Letter

    crikey ...
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    Change a Letter

    pincer ...
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    Word association game

    charabanc ...
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    Change a Letter

    sprite ...
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    Change a Letter

    expire ...
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    Change a Letter

    umpire ...
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    +1 for these two ...
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    Looks like an Ultimate tent, Cliff. Check out this page.
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    Whats the point of the cord/string around the top of a issue bivvy bag?

    Swap the original lace for paracord or amsteel or other slippery cord and the opening will cinch up very nicely; right down to a nose & mouth opening if required.
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    Finse Hardandgervidda Norway , Trip planning thread ....

    Handsome job, Cliff. :)