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    Landrover or Landcruiser?

    There is no reason not to buy a new Landy with electronics and fancy stuff because where you could easily fix an old landy, the new ones just don't need fixing.
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    Land Rover Woes

    Toyotas may be reliable but for offroading, they aren't on par with landies. In my experience (14 years in total and 12 that I remember well), the closest things to the offroad performance of a landy are nissan patrols. My first car is a V8 110 that has been restored by my dad.
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    Just What You Can Carry On Your Back

    Waterproof clothes, warm clothes, food, plenty of pairs of clean socks, a cheap hatchet from a hardwear store, belt knife, small folder, folding saw, firelighting kit, leatherman, sharpening kit, 12 bore doubly, plenty of cartiges for doubly and as many mates as a can ring before the lines go...
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    The Bear Grylls knife for a bargain price of £350

    I completely agree with this. Bear Grylls was in the Teritorial SAS. He did break his back and then summit everest a stupidly short amount of time later. He may act a bit silly on t.v but he no doubt has been there, done that and got the t-shirt for real so if he wants to stop in a hotel instead...
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    Goretex, as great as they say?

    I do buy a lot of different jackets and just bought a Mountain Equipment Pro Shell jacket and it is fantastic. Very light for the protection you get. It is also quite abit more brathable than XCR was.
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    Why not a tanto?

    Depends whether you are talking about amerisanised tantos or traditional tantos, I would've thought that traditional tantos would be quite useful
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    Can’t View Post By Nathan Strugess.

    Yeah sorry mate. I posted something irrelevant so deleted it before anyone else posted so it wouldn't confuse other contributers. Sorry.
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    More sad than bad.....

    One of my dad's mates was in the SBS and never ever talks about it, the only hints you get are wall placks and the odd picture on the wall shaking a royal's hand or something. But one of my mate's dad's claims to be ex-SAS, he brags about it all the time and wears this american body armour...
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    How Long to B oil water

    I have always been taught that it just has to get to a rolling boil and it is safe. But the people that I go camping with are often adamant I am wrong.
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    Should I worry about clothing?

    That is very true I use a pair of wool socks and sometimes a thin cotton sock underneath and have never got a blister from walking
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    Should I worry about clothing?

    Three things I would not be without are suitable footwear (I don't always find boots the best), my goretex jacket, a light fleece and a swannie (for around fires).
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    Military Connections?

    Considering the Paras after my A levels, if I did join I would love to be special forces one day (even if it does sound naive). Either that or Uni and becoming a motorsport engineer.
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    Your favourite bushcrafters - past, present, real, mythical

    Nessmuk, Jim Bridger and Baden Powell. And even if he wasn't a true bushcraft or survival guy, Steve Irwin.
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    scouting reg.

    We're allowed to carry folders any time or sheath knifes if appropriate.
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    What's your camp knife?

    Currently my most used are a mora and an opinel no.8 however my funds for a jojo nessmuck are nearly together.
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    Response Pak show and tell

    Don't have one of those but I have a Berghaus 29Zero (very similar) that I use for lightweight hiking and camping.
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    Mora Sheath Pictorial Guide

    Fantastic, wouldn't mind one of those myself
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    Firesteel Tinders

    Bandage and feather sticks I have found light really well with the firesteel
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    Bucks Bowdrilling!

    I had a do with a hand drill yesterday but I don't think my drill was long enough. what is the recomended length?
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    list to learn

    Pretty smart that Leon, I might have to have a do at making one for myself