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  1. swyn

    Wild camping in the UK

    I've not been on the forum for quite some years. Some of you may have attended those original meet's at the old sawmill & perhaps have experienced that gale! Sadly defunct as the buildings are now condemned & plus I don't live there any more. I'm in the throws of sorting out a secluded...
  2. swyn

    Proud grand dad (again)

    Bless! Lovely pics. Mine are all 'growed' up now and even the youngest is looking at uni places! S
  3. swyn

    Inflatable canoe advice.

    +1 for the gumotex, a mate and I have one each. His is a 'twoser' and mine's a 'oneser'. Please note these are not the technical names, simply the capacity. I've had mine for more than a decade and can't remember what it's called, except I liked the quality and it's still going:lmao:It's been...
  4. swyn

    Buttock clenching 4 x 4 moment !

    Was that Bovingdon? Friends and I used to go there in the early 1980's with AWDC to play and watch the safari racing. Along with looking at and inside the tanks and other bits of machinery. I like the Pinzgauer clip, it's a size bigger than my old Haflinger so follows the wheel tracks well. The...
  5. swyn

    Living 'Wild' for 2-3 months, ideas? tips? etc

    I think you should have a bl**dy good go at this and at 23 what's to stop you. The weather is 'improving' along with daylight hours so you won't be heading into winter unprepared. What has been said about trying something a little closer to home is a good bit of advise. You don't have to do this...
  6. swyn

    The Last Practise

    Many thanks for posting this Shewie! I've forgotten how stunning the scenery is up there. Good luck with your big expedition! Swyn.
  7. swyn

    Bimbling For Reptiles PT1 (Pic Heavy)

    Thank you JonathanD for those great pics. Lovely to see the lizzard. I thought I'd go looking for grass snakes soon as there are a few around here although my eye is nowhere as good as yours at spotting! I've been mimmicking pidgeons this evening whilst relaxing in the late sunshine. Swyn.
  8. swyn

    Which bike shall I go for??

    If I was looking for a good all rounder I'd look at Honda, perhaps the Africa twin/ XL 500/XL650 or similar. I'd also look closely at older 'airhead' BMW R 80RT or R 100RT and not forgetting the wonderful GS model:cool: which is now a design classic. Nearly all spares are available from folk...
  9. swyn

    Hand Drill Numpty Seeks Advice

    Hello Stringmaker. As Firelite has said.....makes good sense. Look at Rich59s posts too, he is an expert and good at explaining, better than me! Try, try and try again. It's surprisingly difficult early times on your own to get the pressure you need, it's often more fun, and easier, with a...
  10. swyn

    drews little bit of this and a little bit of that

    You do make me laugh Drew!:) Thank you. Swyn.
  11. swyn

    Deer damage?

    Interesting photo'. I'd hazzard deer. I have just come across vole damage, obviously on a much smaller scale! Decimated a hedge though. Hare damage all around me with young saplings stripped to a yard high. A salutory lesson to not remove tree guards too early. Definately not the b***dy grey...
  12. swyn

    100% wild pheasant platter suggestions

    Just a thought...... I wonder if pit roast pheasant, with apples, would taste good. You could add some of the ingredients that xylaria suggested too. Some I know the taste of and know are delicious, some well that's for you to find out.....And tell too! I used the four hour timer for venison...
  13. swyn

    A week on foraged wild food.

    The incident in Coventry sounds a little off! Still at least your man kept his rifle. If anyone offered my duck I'd be there like a shot (excuse the pun) The meat from our Muscovies ranks along-side venison for delicious. Swyn.
  14. swyn

    A week on foraged wild food.

    Yes I like that rhyme! Thanks and probably v true too. Swyn.
  15. swyn

    A week on foraged wild food.

    Having had a conversation over 'seafood supper' (sorry there xylaria) with my wife, certain parts of conversations with the 'older generation' have been remembered. Again this is from pre-WW2 so 1930's. This particular gentleman lived in a tumbledown cottage and, as I have been told, had a...
  16. swyn

    A week on foraged wild food.

    I've been reading this with interest, brilliant! My Q is purely a personal one as I'm not out there 'foraging' for my supper, although my wife is in charge of the vegetable protein we eat. Much of which is 'in store' or in our polytunnel as I write. At the moment it is so easy to 'plink' a...
  17. swyn

    Advice on jungle footware needed

    Here's a q for you JonathanD. Are these the Vietnam type with the steel insert or have these now been superceeded with a better one?....Not that I'm going into the jungle in the near future, just for iterests sake! Thanks in advance. Swyn.
  18. swyn

    An outdoor wedding?

    We have a family friend who has trained to become a 'Celebrant'. This is an alternative to a man/woman of the christian church conducting a wedding ceremony. Our friend will also speak at funerals if that is what the family require. She is quite busy with this type of work and I would imagine...
  19. swyn

    is this landy any good ?

    Mmmmm. Looks good on paper. I'd avoid in all Honesty. Much that I love the V8 and the widgetry. I think you will end up with a money pit. You'd be better looking for one already on a 'Richards' galvanised chassis and with a re-manufactured 300 series diesel. Money worth spending then and worth...
  20. swyn

    Red & BBs retirement home......

    We watched what the surface water did during our first winter here. The winter of 1998 was one of the wettest so that watching was the only positive bit of wading through the mud that surrounded most of this smallholding at the time! An abandoned farm is no place to be for a first winter in a...