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  1. J

    Uses of Duct Tape #34913

    Unruly passenger gets duct tape into his seat. :D Interview with the flight attendant is one of the best videos you'll see.
  2. J

    Victorinox's new folding paring knives.

    Look pretty nice for camping kitchen duties. Serrated Plain edge
  3. J

    New Alox... Farmer X.

    Finally a Farmer with Scissors. Available: from May 25, 2020 Supposedly.
  4. J

    How strong is your knot?

    Some research on what features a knot has to have that makes it more secure. Unfortunately the paper is behind pay walls.
  5. J

    Wilderness Medical Society Clinical Practice Guidelines for Water Disinfection for Wilderness...
  6. J

    Below the Surface

    A canal was drained in Amsterdam, and then they sent the archaeologists in. Put details of 18,000 finds online
  7. J

    1000 year old copper pointed antler arrow found in Yukon Pretty ferocious barbs on it.
  8. J

    Petition: Nature related words should be reinstated in the Junior Oxford English Dictionary.
  9. J

    Bushcraft Build Off

    New series on Discovery hosted by Matt Graham, so not likely to be too ott. First episode aired, viewable for people in the US (or appear to be)
  10. J

    Adventure Tape

    This Kickstarter from a UK company just came across my radar. The tape seems like it'd be extremely useful.
  11. J

    BioLite FirePit

    So BioLite have a kickstarter for a FirePit/BBQ type deal with an electrical generator. I was sceptical of the little camp stove thing, but a recent NSFW review on YouTube might have eased my scepticism. Just a...
  12. J

    Amazon US has Mora Eldris kit for $25.99

    US Amazon have the full Eldris kit for $25.99 for the next 19 hours or so. Normal post these on BB but it's AWOL atm.
  13. J

    Battery powered microwave oven... Pretty interesting, and can see uses for it... like heating food in a car, though the limited battery life probably means aren't going to be useful for anything longer than a day trip.
  14. J

    Danish Kindergartens...

    The Danish School Where Children Play With Knives Never heard of these before, but pretty excellent imho.
  15. J

    Baking... with premade pastry

    Just had an idea of using Jus Rol premade pastry in a dutch type oven. Freshly baked croissants, pan au chocolat, and cinnamon swirls for little effort sounds like a plan. So wondering if anyone has tried it? Someone surely must have?
  16. J

    Radio Lab podcast: Staph Retreat

    Fascinating story about how a concoction developed 1,000 years ago is effective against modern Staph, including drug resistant variants (MRSA).
  17. J

    One of the British nurses infected with Ebola back in Dec, now tests positive again

    Was meant to post this an update to but closed... Pretty scary. Given the all clear back in January, tested positive this October...
  18. J

    No.1 Green Architecture!

    Fancy a house in the woods... and need an architect? Look no further than here... No idea if they're a good architect, but surely not a good photoshopper! So so bad. LOL :D
  19. J

    Agawa Canyon Folding 21" saw

    Just came across these browsing around, not seem them before. But they look pretty good. Like how everything stays connected in normal use. Only issue I can see possibly is they use a snap ring to hold the blade in.
  20. J

    National Film Board of Canada videos

    Couldn't find a link on here to this bunch of bushcraft / canoe videos. Only watched Survival in the Bush so far, Not sure what to make of it, bit skeptical, as there's no real indication of time, the making of a canoe feels like "Here's one we made...