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  1. J

    practicing bushcraft

    i wonder if anyone in south oxfordshire would be able to teach me some more bushcraft things or remind me of things i have done in the past.
  2. D

    Where to practice bushcraft in the Midlands ? woodland owners ?

    I'm currently looking to find a nice secluded spot to put some bushcraft skills to practice within the Midlands. I'm currently from Birmingham but I don't mind travelling. If anyone could suggest a nice place or point me in the right direction to a woodland landowner that would be great, I'd be...
  3. G

    Places to practice bushcraft in the cotswolds

    Hey guys, I'm currently serving in the forces and just moved down to the Wiltshire area and was wondering if anybody knew of any good places to go or if anyone was practicing around there, Hopefully hear from someone soon Gaz Sent from my SM-G920F using Tapatalk
  4. B

    New to bushcraft Where to practice?

    Firstly hello, im new and will do a seperate post in an introduction, but my question for this post is where can i practice, im 22 and been interested but never set out to practice any skills, now i think im ready and want to learn and practice, being in the uk where there is strict knife law...
  5. G

    Wood in the garden to start practicing bushcraft

    Hi all, This is probably a question others have asked already many times but I could not find it in the I am sorry to bother you. I am a novice and as I live in London I was thinking to practice sheltering, firemaking, woodcarving etc.. in my garden as at the moment I have not found a...
  6. Billy1

    Where can I go to legally practice all aspects of Bushcraft without permission?

    By this I mean camp where I like, have open fires, make shelters and other camp items (including cutting live trees when necessary), hunt and fish for food and have absolute freedom to do this sort of thing. I have every intention of doing this responsibly and with minimal impact to the...
  7. T

    Rules and regulations for practicing bushcraft in different countries

    Earlier today, I was looking around to see if there were any threads in here covering the rules and regulations for practicing bushcraft in different countries in my vicinity. Seeing as this is a UK forum, I did find a few resources covering the UK, but I figured a thread detailing the basics of...
  8. F

    south london/ surrey practicing bushcraft locations! help.

    Hello everyone, Im eager to practice myself and in time, my family`s bushcrafting skills. Trouble is, we live in South london area and im having trouble finding areas that are large enough to"practice" in. Such as fire making, cooking, setting up a tarp and other sleeping arrangements etc...
  9. A

    practicing bushcraft at home

    Is this just me. I feel like I do more bushcraft at home than when I'm out. I always bring wood home to practice on in the garden or I put plastic down in the house but boy do I make a mess haha. I tell the other half I'm learning what to do before I need to know. I dont like to be seen...
  10. Billy1

    What bushcraft skills are you learning/practicing at the moment?

    I thought it might be a good idea if people posted about what skills they are learning/practicing at the moment so that others can get ideas for things to do. It reckon it could also help so people don't miss out on windows of opportunity to practice certain things... wild edibles, gathering...
  11. THOaken

    Lothians - Bushcraft Practice & Communal Living

    ...and plan all of this apart from myself. Is there anyone in the Lothians/Edinburgh that'd be willing to meet up for a day to practice Bushcraft skills? Or are there any planned meetings in the general area about which I should be aware? Again, I've not much experience meeting others who share...
  12. A

    Woodlands that allow the practice of Bushcraft

    Hi All, Does anyone know of any woodlands/forests in Suffolk that, with permission, allow the practice of bushcraft to include making fires? Thanks Alex
  13. H

    Any good places to practice bushcraft in the Sheffield area?

    Looking for a good place to practice bushcraft around Sheffield, feel free to PM me if you'd rather not put it on a public forum. Cheers H
  14. M

    where to practice bushcraft

    is there anywhere i can go to practice bushcraft and survival skills in the surrey area?, my cousin and my self want to go camping build our own shelters try different fire starting methods, practice navigation and learn about the forrest or land.
  15. M

    Bushcraft Practice???

    Just a little question, (or a few) What are the laws like on practicing bushcraft skills? By that I mean where should i practice, what permissions might i need and what can i do without a visit from the local fuzz? I live in gloucester and without a long bus ride there are no foresty type...
  16. M

    woodland to practice bushcraft in

    Hi there, I live in Warwickshire (Leamington Spa) and I'm finding it really hard to locate woodland that I can practice bushcraft skills in. I have contacted Woodland Trust and Forestry Commission, but neither seem able to help me. I would like to contact any privately owned woodland to...
  17. G

    Anyone looking to practice bushcraft skills for few days in wild?

    I've got a ruck suck full of gear to survive in wilderness just looking for people to team up with and have adventure in nature practicing basic survival skills. Also in to rock climbing, paragliding, power kiting so we can link up all those activities and have a good one. Please let me...
  18. Scally

    What other hobbies do you practice other than bushcraft

    For example I walk Climb Shoot Both Air gun and Shot gun Clay pidgeon and rough and the odd game shoot day Scuba Dive Camping if with the lovely missus tinker with leather Scouting love being outside What floats your boat in that wee small time thats left!