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  1. Nyayo

    Reconstructing ancient clothing

    Hey guys - my quest to reconstruct and camp out with stone age kit continues....A question: where is a good place to get buckskin from? Or at least something that looks like buckskin? The only place I can find it online is in the this the best bet? Ede
  2. Nyayo

    New meets old kit.

    Good thread guys, as is often the case. I love the canvas and leather stuff too, but it's a pain when it's wet - I love my 1950's Norwegian Army bag - it's great when I'm at a school as I can fit all my stuff in and 'looks the part'. If I'm climbing a hill, a very modern, petrochemical...
  3. Nyayo

    Sweden 7 Day Canoe Trip [Very Pic Heavy]

    Nice one boys - good adventure, looks really fun.
  4. Nyayo

    Hammock camping on the AT with massive chaga score and gear testing.

    Good adventure, brother - it's good to see people actually putting all those skills to practical use rather than playing in the back yard. The AT looks like a fine part of the world. Thanks for sharing! :)
  5. Nyayo

    What did you buy today?

    Recently: Pathfinder SS bottle, cup and hanger- so much better than plastic and a very fine Condor/Matt Graham Primitive bush knife. A 'grownup knife' as the boys say, or 'a toy' as Mrs Nyayo says ( I did, however, demonstrate that you can cut cake, fillet salmon and open packaging with it -...
  6. Nyayo

    Carrying a kit

    Ferro rod/ flint, steel, char and SAK go almost everywhere with me - if I am taking one of my kids, then a medkit and Pathfinder bottle/lid/cup set go too, and usually a bit of jute string, wrapped up in a scarf around my waist. sometimes a little aluminium pie-tin for a fire. Bigger walks mean...
  7. Nyayo

    Native skills v bushcraft

    :rolleyes:Cool thread - I'm busy reinventing myself as a 'Primitive Skills' type rather than a 'Bushcrafter', even though every time we go for a walk or go camping, we're 'doing bushcraft', so it is a bit of an arbitrary distinction. I suspect the term 'Native Skills' originates from the US, and...
  8. Nyayo

    Is there really any need for camoflage?

    My two cents - when I was doing fieldwork in central Africa, wearing camo instantly would have made me a target - locals would ask (nervously) if you were a 'mercenary', while police and military would react very aggressively, so a real no-no. Military gear is generally cheap and tough (although...
  9. Nyayo

    Baby bushcraft

    How about making story sticks, or wizards' wands. Mini dens for the Little People, or mini forts (if they live in an area of political instability..!) - tiny sticks for a palisade, acorn cups as huts - bridges, sedge boats, towers etc all can be added to the landscape. If you add clay then...
  10. Nyayo

    Edible Insects

    Midge burgers! Genius! Perhaps a new export business when I defect to Scotland..!
  11. Nyayo

    Edible Insects

    Edible crustaceans and molluscs I am very familiar with - it just seems that there is very little knowledge about actual insects - crickets, grasshoppers, beetles, butterflies, moths. Perhaps some form of experimentation is required; I'll avoid the brightly coloured ones and the ones with...
  12. Nyayo

    Edible Insects

    Having watched Bruce Parry's Tribes DVDs (yet again) I'm struck by how many people around the world have insects as a part of their foraged diet. Now I know this has been asked before, but which species of insect can I eat in the UK? Are there any that I should really avoid? I feel I should know...
  13. Nyayo

    You Know You're A Bushcrafter When...

    When you use the kids' sandpit as a tracking tray When you get the kids to run/walk/jump/turn etc. on the beach and then spend ages looking at their footprints. When the kindling basket next to the log burner is full of mushrooms, string, bits of antler, flint flakes etc. When you write this...
  14. Nyayo

    Otzi challenge

    Sooo, bronze age pot (to cook in) or copper axe next? I want to also make/buy a simple wooden bowl to make some Flag Fen syle ember-stone nettle soup.
  15. Nyayo

    Otzi challenge

    The journey begins! Next: turn flakes into tools and arrowheads, then haft a knife and weave a sheath. Trying to source wool and/or buckskin for the outfit.
  16. Nyayo

    Otzi challenge

    Thanks folks - I knew I could count on you! I'm going to start with 'generic early bronze age/chalcolithic man', and work up to Otzi. Splashed out on some flint knapping kit, will be making some basketry knife sheaths, quivers etc etc to start, plus scanning local charity shops for suitable...
  17. Nyayo

    Otzi challenge

    Ok Folks - my latest project (without having finished any of the others...obviously!) is to collect/make/build an Otzi-style prehistoric loadout and spend at least a night out, Abo-style. So...any ideas where I can get/swap some iron pyrites and some flint? The Peaks are not so good for this! I...
  18. Nyayo

    Outdoor providers for people with disabilities

    Thanks guys, just keep 'em coming; the idea is to gather links to all sorts of providers in one place - adapted horseriding, off road bike trails, adapted canoe providers, outfitters, guides, providers with accessible sites, outdoor SEN centres etc. so that parents can find suitable providers in...
  19. Nyayo

    Outdoor providers for people with disabilities

    Thanks Wayne, this is just the sort of niche kit supplier that I'm after - it's sometimes amazingly tricky to track down some of this stuff - many thanks! Ede