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  1. Robson Valley

    I can no longer post pictures

    Just a couple of weeks back. No longer post pix. Trying here. If so, problem is intermittent.
  2. Robson Valley

    Full Nuisance Value and More

    Finally figured out that my computer hard drive was "upfucculated" = rapidly advancing senility. The 'fix' was a new solid state hard drive. Watching things load, maybe 5X faster than ever before. This is less than a mile from my house, downstream, I think, on the great Fraser River.
  3. Robson Valley

    Wild Yeasts

    My grapes are ripe for picking. I would like to try to extract some wild yeast from the grape skins to be used for leavening baked bready things. Does anyone have experience with a process for doing the collection?
  4. Robson Valley

    French Knife

    Here's a French Army cork-carving knife, the function should be self explanatory. There's a genuine Laguiole folder for size comparison.
  5. Robson Valley

    Cold camps

    Here are two of the lesser known reasons that nobody here does hammock camping. 1. Cold 2. Bears Can you imagine? Standing up, 10' (3m) tall. And the biggest most fearless land predator on the planet.
  6. Robson Valley

    Chalcolithic Tools

    More an exploration of picture file sizes. Cannot post 170kb. Is that true? I had the local farrier forge a couple of 1/4" thick copper adze blades for me. My regular steel D adze has a Kestrel Tool blade to shave 1/32, if I have to. All the wood carving is mine (birch, #18 tarred nylon seine...
  7. Robson Valley

    Overseas Reading the Snow.

    Severe avalanche warning for my district with probably another meter of snow on the way. Here's a check for weak layers. Must learn kind of thing.
  8. Robson Valley

    Need a wind screen design for stove

    My Coleman Naptha 1-burner stove was delivered today. With the pump, the tank is 15 cm diameter and 14 cm tall. Call it 15 cm tall. Empty, weighs 900 g. Need fresh fuel but guessing maybe 500ml capacity. Listed @ 9,500 btu. Which brands of small stoves have effective wind screens? My...
  9. Robson Valley


    Just a note to say that you should start to pay more attention to sunsets as the colors become more dramatic in the coming weeks. We see by satellite imagery that our British Columbia wild fire smoke has reached the UK. You can expect hazy skies until Christmas, if this ever lets up. Just a...
  10. Robson Valley

    Another New Canoe.

    I can find no better example of the flexibility and sheer size of Betula papyrifera bark.
  11. Robson Valley

    Mussel Recipes

    At 30-35/lb, 30 full ones is a big dinner for me. - sweat 2 tbsp crushed garlic in 2 tbsp butter in a big enough pot. - add 1/2C dice each onion, red and green peppers and sweat more. - add 1C white wine and heat to boil. - add mussels, roll them around, lid on to steam cook 8-10 minutes. Serves...
  12. Robson Valley

    Jicama Dipping Sauce

    Soya sauce, rice vinegar and . . . . .. what am I missing? Sugar?
  13. Robson Valley


    This is what I do. Usual plan is to pull 6-8 recipes off the cooking sites on the internet and come up with a new recipe basic and common to all the others = mine. 3C all purpose flour (_you_ are in charge of the rise, not the flour company.) 1C Bob'd Red Mill Buckwheat flour. 2 tsp salt 2...
  14. Robson Valley

    Pumpkin Pie Custard Filling

    Pumpkin pie is a standard dessert for Thanksgiving and Christmas all across North America. The secret, if there is one, is in the custard filling seasoning. We can buy canned pumpkin pie filling. Don't do that, the spices are awful. We can buy canned pumpkin pure' Can you? If not, buy a...
  15. Robson Valley

    Bison Butchering

    Just in case you wonder, I got a nice phone call from a local ranch that has a 700 acre pasture for the bison herd. I've bought a side of a 2 yr old from them about every year since 2001. There should be sides available in January-February @$5.00/lb, on the hook. That means beautifully...
  16. Robson Valley

    Repairing a Zipper

    Maybe this is old news to everybody. To me, a revelation. Teeth could be plastic but the fix is for metal sliders. Look at a zipper slider. It has a head and a tail. Open in one direction, mesh teeth to close in the other direction. A zipper "let go" on a chest pocket in my favorite...
  17. Robson Valley

    Cheese Making

    How Paleo. I bought a seat in a 4-day cheese-making class of 20 and it's on in 2 weeks! Had to wait and wait and wait to see if they get the numbers to run it. Partly for entertainment and partly to watch for any potential start-ups to help. Don't hold your breath, I'll add to this.
  18. Robson Valley


    My brother made a respectable marmalade with the traditional Seville oranges. So I decided to try my hand at making lime marmalade. I found a dozen x 250ml jars with rings and snap cap seal lids. The jars went into the oven at 300F and the snap cap lids went into a bowl of boiling water...
  19. Robson Valley

    London Pattern Book

    Also known as the Sheffield List, the LPB was a published industry standard for the sweeps, bends, angles and sizes for wood carving tools (1600's?). The LPB is very much alive and well in this day and time. Just trivia, I suppose, but I'd like to read a little history surrounding its writing...
  20. Robson Valley

    Deadly Desserts

    A member of this parish wanted to know what's in my cook book. This is a peek inside. All recipes are kid-tested and kid-approved. First, a dessert for the bush = BBQ Banana. You need a low fire of coals and a wire grill and a smallish pot. Mix dark rum, butter, brown sugar and cinnamon...