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    Scotland Bushcraft part 3

    Here is the final installment of our trip to scotland. Enjoy:
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    Bushcraft in Scotland Part 2

    Bushcraft in Scotland part 2
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    Scotland Bushcraft

    Our Bushcraft trip in scotland. Enjoy. ftyzi04ch3vymr20w5u4itc0k
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    Learn floating hands hand drill friction fire

    Here I show you how to do floating hands technique for hand drill friction fire:
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    Bushcraft trip 2 nights out - Video

    Here is our 2 nights out from last weekend:
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    Broad-leaf dock on clematis hearth hand drill friction fire

    Broad-leaf dock on clematis hearth hand drill friction fire using floating hands and regular pass. jRz89i1gfWdhu0Y_3O0iufsAs9uF7& index=7
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    Canoeing and bushcraft in Scotland

    Here is a vid of last weeks trip to scotland:
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    Hand drill explosion

    This hand drill ember got a little out of hand! Think I was channelling the fire gods. Teasel on clematis.
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    Marsh Samphire foraging

    Hi, It's the season for Marsh Samphire picking. I took a group out today and they loved it. Great fun had by all. If you are thinking of having a try, I have made a short vid on how to ID, collect and cook Marsh Samphire:
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    24 Hour Challege - Survive with just a knife.

    See how I did in my 24 Hour Survival Challenge. We all scream at the TV saying we can do better than those people on a survival program. How many of us have a go? I did! See what happened here:
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    Bow drill made in suffolk pine woods

    Bow Drill with some chilled music to enjoy. Had great fun filming this.
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    Bushcraft Walk Cambridgeshire 24.04.15

    Hi, Made a short vid of bushcraft day walk I had. It shows foraging and friction fire too:
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    Dryad's Saddle - Tasty edible fungi

    Hi, Made a short vid for people who are not confident with mushrooms and want to start foraging the safer and easier ones. The vid also shows you how to prepare and cook Dryad's Saddle.
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    Day trip bow drill making

    Yesterdays day trip. Crocuses, Snow drops, sunshine and warmth. A fantastic spring day. Enjoy:
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    Floating hands drill friction fire, Cambridge UK Using burdock spindle and Ivy Hearth. Getting the hang of this and really enjoying it!
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    First hand drill fire

    Using clematis hearth and elder spindle. Floating hands technique. Chuffed to bits as this has took three months to get here. A journey of bruises, blisters, sweat dripping off my face, exhaustion. When you get it right with materials and technique it's easy to get the ember. It was a long...
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    Videography - What Camera setup is this?

    Has anyone got any idea what camera setup this chap is using? It looks like it is taking a really high dynamic range bringing out the colours in low light woodland. Also the DPOF aperture makes it look great too. I wonder if he is using a warm coloured lens? The channel has been inactive for...
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    Woodsmoke allergy

    The last 2 times my girlfriend has been out to the woods with me she has had a severe allergic reaction. Her face and neck goes red and swells badly. This is so bad that she has to go to A&E and get steroids for a week. It looks like a chemical burn. We tried to eliminate what may cause it. We...
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    Hand drill practice

    Is there any advice or guidance available from members who can do the hand drill? I am starting out with it and can just about do floating hands technique. But it seems like it never gets hot enough? Do I need to be practicing almost daily for a while to get the technique? How did you get it...
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    Good food and love bugs

    Every year I say to myself, I must go and do this, or I must go and see that and before I know it the month has past and so has the opportunity. So this year I am going out and doing as much as possible. Gedney Drove End - Near Holbeach, Lincolnshire. You know you're in the country when there...