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  1. Pandabean

    Bushmoot 2015 Photos

    I have finally got around to uploading a fair number of my photos. Yes there is still more! :) I have found the best way was to upload to my personal website (not that there is much on it anyway) rather than flood my flickr account with photos. :) It was another great moot and I just want to...
  2. Pandabean

    Bushmoot 2015 Videos

    During this year's bushmoot I captured a few videos (as well as tonnes of photos which will be up soon :) ). I hope you enjoy these, I have several more to come and I will update this post when I have uploaded them. Eric demonstrating amateur radio in the field and making contact with another...
  3. Pandabean

    My Veggie Garden

    Took these shots this morning before heading off for work. The garden is coming along nicely, I do wish I had taken photos before I did all the work. Prior to this the patches had no wooden borders and were hard to maintain, hopefully with this setup it will be easier to work with and make crop...
  4. Pandabean

    Noctilucent Clouds

    Has anyone been out observing these lately? For anyone that doesn't know these are high altitude clouds (83km) that only appear in the night sky during the summer months (northern hemisphere) at latitudes 50degrees +. They are lit up by the sun which is just below the horizon and are amazing to...
  5. Pandabean

    When to plant

    I understand that we have to plant veg and herbs later up in the north but how do you know when to do it? It is still frosty here in the mornings. The back of the seed packets I am looking at all say roughly March, would this be too optimistic? If I do have to wait until is there anything I can...
  6. Pandabean

    Companion Planting

    I have been looking into a little about companion planting and was wondering if any experienced gardeners out there can provide an insight on how to go about it? I have read briefly in a few books that you can plant other plants in between rows of vegetables. Does anyone have any examples of...
  7. Pandabean

    Netting/Covering Vegetables

    I was wondering what plants should be netted/covered over when they are being grown? I have used netting over my strawberries in the past but it wasn't easy to put over the frame structure that I have (inherited from previous house owners) and I did have a bird get caught in it a couple years...
  8. Pandabean

    Nature Mobile - Android Apps

    I was wondering has anyone used Apps from Nature Mobile on Google Play? They seem to have a wide range of ID apps such I Know Birds, I Know Mushrooms, some are still in German but the English ones seem quite detailed...
  9. Pandabean

    Collecting Rain Water - Greenhouse

    I have an old aluminium framed greenhouse and have thought about collecting rain water from it (after I replace a missing pane), what would be the best way to set this up (without too much expense)?
  10. Pandabean

    Photography Competitions

    I was wondering if any fellow photographers regularly or sometimes submit photos into competitions (other than the one Steve runs here)? If so where do you find these competitions and are there any good ones to enter regularly? One thing I am never sure of is if my work is good enough to...
  11. Pandabean

    Raised Beds

    I am trying to look for wood for creating raised beds in my back garden but I am not entirely sure what wood would be best suited and also be obtained on a budget. If anyone has rough prices for what timber would cost that would be great as some of the websites I have seen don't list their...
  12. Pandabean

    DD Tarp Question - Setup

    Most of the time I see DD Tarps setup so that the ridgeline runs through all 5 loops but I have never seen it rotated 90 degrees so that only 3 loops are used for the ridgeline and the 2 loops on the side used to expand the area/headroom under the tarp. Similar in a way to the image below. Is...
  13. Pandabean

    Air Matress - Bad Back

    I have a friend who has a bit of a bad back and has used air matresses in the past when camping. She would find that she would get cold during the night. Now from what I understand, the air matress is just air and plastic with no insulation properties and as a result any body heat is just lost...
  14. Pandabean

    Animal Calls

    I was just wondering this morning about animal calls, mainly that of squirrel and had a look around the web and youtube. Most of what I found was about squirrel callers rather than the types of call they can make (alarm/distress/calling etc). Does anyone know of a resource out there that would...
  15. Pandabean

    Chlorine Tablets

    I have just been going through a cupboard with long forgotten camping items and I have come across a pack of LifeSystems chlorine tablets in the plastic case and foil wrapped. The expiry date on these 02 2013 and I was wondering if they would still be useable or if they should be chucked? If...
  16. Pandabean

    Bushmoot 2014 Photos

    Here is a selection of my moot photos. I have uploaded the whole lot onto my Facebook page which can be accessed by clicking on this link, even if you do not use facebook: Bushmoot Sign...
  17. Pandabean

    Garden Visitors

    Had some visitors to the garden over the past couple of weeks, thought I would share them. Bee by pandabean, on Flickr Butterfly by pandabean, on Flickr Butterfly2 by pandabean, on Flickr IMG_1904 by pandabean, on Flickr IMG_1893 by pandabean, on Flickr Sitting Around by pandabean, on...
  18. Pandabean

    Tree Huggers

    After having the tree huggers and whoopie slings for several months I thought I would try them out at the weekend before getting stuff packed for the moot. This is the kit that you get from DD - (huggers, whoopie slings and karbs) and I have it setup with the tree huggers around the tree with a...
  19. Pandabean

    Swannie Waterproof Lining

    I was doing a bit of googling and come across mention a few times of the ranger shirt having a polyester drop liner/waterproof lining however I cannot seem to find a lot of information on this. Does anyone know anything about the ranger shirts coming with this?
  20. Pandabean

    Kit Storage

    I wonder if bushcraft gear has it's own gravitational pull, I place one piece in a room and suddenly it is a pile of gear with no order. :o I am currently looking to redecorate one of my rooms which is used as a library/study, it isn't a very big room, on one wall I currently have 3 standard...