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    Juke box for Drew

    Start with this one Drew.
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    POD Black Ice

    SOLD SOLD SOLD Great condition - Top end rucksack in black and grey £85 posted
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    Golite Shangrila 3

    Golite shangrila 3 used perhaps for 10 nights - with full bathtub floor / groundsheet. Great condition with pole and stakes. £140 including postage.
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    Vango Banshee 300 tent - NEW £85!!!

    SOLD SOLD SOLD This tent is new - pitched once for an hour on a dry day but never slept in or used otherwise. C/W pegs, poles repair kit etc.. Link to tent details here £85 includes UK mainland postage - but buyer swallows...
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    Of Dartmoor, Dinosaurs and Voogas

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    This seems to be doing the rounds
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    Diddy likkle karabiners

    I dont s'pose anyone has a handful of those mini karabiners that Alpkit used to do - ???
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    POD Black Ice for 2 person lightweight tent

    POD Black Ice used for a couple of weekends - I would consider a swap / p/ex on a lightweight backpacking 2 person tent - something sub 2.5kg would be good.
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    Country skills and objects #10

    What's this place for then...?
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    POD Black Ice Rucksack

    In the 'black / grey colour' size 2 - used for a couple of weekends - I can take pictures if required. The blurb....errrrr....ahem I mean specification: The Pod Black Ice rucksack is an all mountain mid-weight pack, constructed in super-durable fabrics. It is constructed from super...
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    Sabre 45 - black or olive?

    Most people seem to favour olive rather than black for this sack. Green seems to go with very little else other than green - whereas black goes with anything. I am not a fashion guru but an olive sack on a red jacket looks terrible - surely :o... My Crux AK47 is a very deep green (they call it...
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    EOTWAWKI - TV series

    Biker's book thread just spiked my memory.... But unfortunately my memory aint that good.... What was that TV series in the 70's... was it survivor? It starts off with an opening sequence of an unwell bloke having his passport stamped and flying aaround the world - next thing.... everyone's...
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    Karrimor sabre 45 (possibly larger)

    Is anyone flogging a sabre - used and and a bit worn.
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    King Alfred's Cakes

    Can anyine help me find them please. I understand they like dead ash, but I have never found any to date. I found what I thought was them but the fungi went all 'jelly like' :( Pictures of typical environment would be great.
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    Childe the Hunter

    On the edge of the infamous Fox Tor Mire stands an old stone cross, it's mounted upon a three stepped pedestal. This ancient cross is said in legend to be the tomb of Childe the Hunter who was a wealthy Saxon lord who loved the thrill of the chase. The legend tells of how one winter when Childe...
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    Dartmoor Winter Meet

    EDIT - LOOKS LIKE LATE JANUARY / EARLY FEBRUARY IS FAVORITE SO LETS GO WITH THAT. DATE TBC Righto... A few folk seem up for this so here goes. In addition to having a Dartmoor meet this winter, I am happy to provide some navigation training from very basics through to more advance...
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    Spyderco sharpmaker thingy

    I'm about to buy one but before I do I just wanted to check if anyone on here had one gathering dust in a cupbopard.
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    Game fishing books

    Some of the more classic titles of game and sea fishing: BOOKS NOW WITHDRAWN FROM SALE Salmon Fishing - Falkus - really good nick - £50 SOLD The Pursuit of Wild Trout - Mike Weaver - good nick - £16 The Trout and the Fly - Clarke and Goddard - good nick - £12 The Complete Fly...
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    I am looking for a bivi - must have plenty of space, left hand zip, breathable and be lightish Ta very much
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    OK - so now I have mastered the steel / flint / making charcloth thingy. Can someone give me a rough idea when this method first came about?