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  1. Grotzilla

    Planning: Tromso in February

    Hi all, My friend and I have booked a 7 day camping trip to Tromso at the end of next Feb.Any recommendations for wild camping spots? We're thinking of starting at Lyfjord by the coast and working our way down to the mountains & lakes west of Tromso then exploring the actual city of Tromso on...
  2. Grotzilla

    Replacing the bungee cord on a sabre 45

    As the title suggests, my sabre 45 is missing the bungee cord on the outer lid. Any ideas/methods on replacing this? The bag was bought 2nd hand and never had any cord so any links or photos would be much appreciated Thanks Richard Sent from my Nexus 6P using Tapatalk
  3. Grotzilla

    Dartmoor at the end of July

    Hi all, A few friends and I are planning a trip to Dartmoor to celebrate a friend's new born. Does anyone know any decent forests in Dartmoor for wild camping, preferably hidden away with a good circular walk there on the Friday and back on the Sunday. Sent from my Nexus 6P using Tapatalk
  4. Grotzilla

    Location planning

    Hey all, I've got a weeks annual leave in November to use up, anyone know of any locations where me and a friend can camp in a forest environment in England or Wales? We'll be camping in a 8 man lavvu and will be practising bushcraft skills, firecraft, no hunting planned. We're in Derby...
  5. Grotzilla

    Heads up: US army shirt

    Currently going for a tenner, already have one or I'd snap this up! Look at this on eBay Sent from my Nexus 9 using Tapatalk
  6. Grotzilla

    Wildo woodstove in a bergans lavvu?

    Anyone used one of these in a bergans lavvu 4 - 6 man? I realise it's going to be a ball ache to carry compared to the frontier stove, but I prefer the look and it looks a hell of alot more...
  7. Grotzilla

    For trade: scarpa asolo tv boots and berghaus yeti gaiters

    Right after various attempts I've decided I just can't fit this bloody things! I'm ideally after a pair of boots/shoes and a pair of trousers for bushcraft. Maybe even a nice knife as I'm using a Mora atm The gaiters have had the small strap cut off neatly and the boots are in decent...
  8. Grotzilla

    Under £30 machete for British woodland

    Hey guys, I've been looking at the original British army machete (13in) on the bushcraft store and wondered on people's opinions on this or any similar models I may not have heard of? I'm preferably looking for something already sharpened for now as I progress my skills, so I'm steering...
  9. Grotzilla

    When an engineer goes camping

    Just found this on another bushcraft forum and thought I'd share it with you lot. It gave me a laugh but actually looks like something I'd like to try out! :D Sent from my Nexus 9 using Tapatalk
  10. Grotzilla

    Wanted: trangia cook set

    Hey guys, I'm looking for a full size trangia cook set including kettle etc. I have a few low value items to trade towards it including a zebra Billy can, mini trangia set and maybe some other items. Thanks Richard Sent from my GT-I9505G using Tapatalk
  11. Grotzilla

    Help me Identify These Boots

    Hi Guys, I've found these boots online 2nd hand at a decent price ( I think) I've searched online but cant find anything on them! Would like to read about them for reviews and whether my Berghaus Yet gaiters will fit before I purchase. Heres some pics...
  12. Grotzilla

    25l glass carbuoys collection in Derbyshire

    Hi guys, not sure if there are any wine brewer's on the forum but thought I'd give it a try I have 3 25l glass carbuoys on offer I'm open to offers of trade. I'm ideally looking for a decent tarp and I always enjoy shooty things :p Here's a size comparison with a 1 gallon demiJohn...
  13. Grotzilla

    Help with bergen

    Hey guys, Well finally I pick up my 1st ever bergen this evening! Very excited as up to now I've been using a 65l regatta survivor from argos and tbh it wasn't the best lol Basically I would like a bit of help if anyones free on choosing some side pockets. The bag apparently is a 1991...
  14. Grotzilla

    Chinon binoculars

    Hi guys, picked these up for cheap at the weekend, the super fine optics label intrigued me :p can't seem to find anything on Google. Does anyone know anything about these? Sent from my GT-I9505 using Tapatalk
  15. Grotzilla

    Noob Derby Lad

    Hi guys and gals, Im Richard, im 25 and frm the East Midlands. After completing Snowdon on Saturday its rekindled my love for camping as I've not done it since a child! I borrowed my mates DD hammock and can't wait to buy my own tarp & hammock setup! Cant wait to learn loads and hopefuly...