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  1. MagiKelly

    Wanted Enzo Borka 90 scandi

    As the title, looking to see if anyone is selling an Enzo Borka with scandi grind. Really love my PK70 for everyday carry so looking for a locking model for more rugged use. Might consider a Birk if the price was tempting enough.
  2. MagiKelly

    Paria Outdoor Thermodown 15 Degree Down Sleeping Quilt Review

    Paria Outdoor Thermodown 15 Degree Down Sleeping Quilt Review When you have been camping for a while there are some things you keep looking for but don’t seem to be made by anyone. For me one of those items was a good, all season down quilt for using in the Swag or hammock. Of course, when it...
  3. MagiKelly

    Some post cold holiday projects.

    I was loaded with the cold over Christmas but finally started to feel better a few days ago. I felt well enough to have a footer about with some projects. First off I made a firefighting necklace. I actually made two, one for a neighbour. It’s a leather lace with a tungsten carbide scraper...
  4. MagiKelly

    Latest leather book. This time with pyrography decoration.

    I’ve done a few tutorials in the past about making leather books. I feel a bit of a fraud as I’m no expert and also I keep changing how I think they are best made. I moved from paper book inserts to having Filofax rings in them and am currently favouring disc binding. Anyway I got a pyrography...
  5. MagiKelly

    Trip Report Surely Sorley should go sometime.

    “He loves the outdoors. He is always in the woods lighting fires, making dens and using his Kelly Kettle. That’s why we have been badgering John for years to take him on a trip.” Me, “This is literally the first time you’ve told me this” Less than 2 weeks later. Some context. It has been a...
  6. MagiKelly

    Article: MSR Windburner reviewed as a stove, a flask and a water purifier.

    You can view the page at
  7. MagiKelly

    MSR Windburner reviewed as a stove, a flask and a water purifier.

    MSR brought out their Windburned stove last year. It was originally called the Windboiler. It is their entry into the market pretty much started by the Jetboil. The idea is simple, a stove that is self contained and will boil water / heat up food, with ruthless efficiency. What the Windburner...
  8. MagiKelly

    A birthday paddle from Milarrochy Bay at Loch Lomond

    It is my birthday today. 48 years young and all that. I used to always take the day off and go for a paddle on my birthday but this has fallen away for a number of reasons. This year i decided it was time to bring the tradition back. So after a breakfast of carrot cake and opening presents I...
  9. MagiKelly

    Caterpillars and Cuckoos on Loch Lomond

    After a few years of not having any overnight trips I’ve been making a concerted effort to get out more. So far it is working well. Part of the secret is planning in advance. So after our spring trip Russ and I had our summer trip booked well in advance. A June trip would let us enjoy the better...
  10. MagiKelly

    Thermarest Neoair All Season, Mini Pump & Auriga Blanket review/s

    Thermarest Neoair All Season, Mini Pump and Auriga Blanket review/s Continuing my using reviews as an excuse to get out more I have been trying out the current Thermarest Neoair with the new mini pump and their down blanket. I have long been a fan of the Neoair mattresses. Russ (Warthog1981)...
  11. MagiKelly

    Refillable Leather Book / Journal Tutorial (Loads of Pictures)

    A long time ago I did a tutorial on making a wet formed bag. It seems to have been quite popular and hopefully helpful. So spurred on by that success and only 6 years later I am here to inflict my second tutorial on you :) As last time I need to point out I do not do that much leatherwork and...
  12. MagiKelly

    Article: Portable Solar Panel use, thoughts and a review

    You can view the page at
  13. MagiKelly

    Portable Solar Panel use, thoughts and a review

    As mentioned, offered me the opportunity to review a few products. The two I asked to try were the SJ4000 action camera and this solar panel, A long time ago I got a couple of solar panels, the largest being a 10W one. It...
  14. MagiKelly

    SJ4000 WiFi Action Camera Review (and Discount)

    I've posted this review on and am repeating it here as I am sure members have looked at these and like me wondered if they are any use. I've also checked with the supplier that BCUK members can use the discount code too ;) A few weeks ago the folks at...
  15. MagiKelly

    Tentipi Varrie 7 with Groundsheet

    After much deliberation I have decided to sell my Tentipi. It is simply not getting used now. I got it almost 10 years ago and the first pictures of it are on this thread. My the girls have grown. The tipi is the Varrie which was the...
  16. MagiKelly

    One man and his dog out for one night only.

    I've picked up some new bits of kit after my last overnight trip a few weeks ago so have been itching to get out and give them a good test. One of them, the Thermarest Treo Chair I have reviewed here,
  17. MagiKelly

    Article: Long overdue canoe camping trip.

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  18. MagiKelly

    Long overdue canoe camping trip.

    It's been over 3 years since my last overnight canoe camping trip. Waaaaaay to long. To rectify this Russ (Warthog1981) and I marked a date in the diary a month or so ago and decided we were going come what may. Of course as it got closer to the weekend the weather forecasts were starting to...
  19. MagiKelly

    Latest few leather books

    I've still been visiting often but have not been logged in for a while, so since I am I thought I would post up a few of my recent leather projects. I make a few things but seem to keep coming back to leather journals. I did a couple for Christmas presents with a Shield / Hydra theme...
  20. MagiKelly

    An egg-cellent walk at Johnshill.

    I posted this here on Dog Walk Bloggs,, but figured it would fit here too. Plus I may be more likely to get an answer to my egg and compost queries ;). On with the tale. On Friday night I had an hour to kill while...