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  1. Toddy

    So much fruit

    My granny used to make Damson jam. I loved that stuff, but there were always one or two of the wee stones that hadn't been spotted when the fruit was boiling. They didn't take the stones out before hand, just let the fruits split when they boiled. Out of thousands of damsons used though, less...
  2. Toddy

    Japenese knotweed

    It's illegal to dig up roots without landowner's permission.....and JKW is such a problematic pain that any poor blighter who has it inflicted on his/her land must already feel the stress of it and be 'really' concerned at any potential spread. On t'other hand, the tops if picked constantly...
  3. Toddy

    Chanterelle woes

    Not disparaging your thought on this, but I reckon that modern agricultural machinery has a lot to do with it too. It's astonishing just how much damage it does to soil structure. It does make it possible for us to have good crops though...but very few of those are permanently sited crops, iimmc ?
  4. Toddy

    Day Out A weekend bimble Fife

    Nice one Russ :) I can almost smell that woodsmoke. I take it your barber's queued out ?? Actually, it kind of suits you :cool:
  5. Toddy

    Wellies for those with bigger legs?

    Builder's wellies. Seriously, find your local Arco and go and try on what they have on offer. One of my colleagues was one of those stockily built heavy legged types. Rock solid, nothing would have knocked him over, kind of thing. Not fat, just solid. He had real problems getting kit, but he...
  6. Toddy


    Marron glacé....bit of a footer, but well worth the effort. They're also awfully good roasted with sprouts and good seasalt.
  7. Toddy

    So much fruit

    I haven't a clue :blush: I'm a techno-avoider type, tbh. Their hands though, those are working hands. Day in day out, year in year out, those hands work. It's like someone looking at the teeth of the first farmers, and saying, "Look at the wear ! they must have eaten so much bread", and...
  8. Toddy

    So much fruit

    I have a confession to make. I watch a youtube channel :) This one is of a couple with a 'country house' in Azerbaijan.....and it's the most peaceful quarter of an hour to watch :cool: Real food, like our own, from a country that didn't lose it's connection between rural and urban. Anyhow...
  9. Toddy

    Heart Catheterization

    I hope recovery is smooth and everything settles well. Kind of upsetting when we realise that we're fine in ourselves but the body's kind of wearing out in parts. I hope nothing else is in need of repair/replacement. M
  10. Toddy


    @TeeDee Pleased to hear it's bye, and it seems to have gone well, best of luck with the recovery and it's surprising how fast six weeks can go past. Look at it this way, Christmas dinner will be a good un :)
  11. Toddy

    Pumpkin Season

    The only ones I tried cooking were tasteless things. So I generally don't bother buying them. I still carve a neep for a Hallowe'en lantern instead :) The pumpkins always look so cheery, interesting, inviting somehow. Then the reality of the watery mush kind of spoils it all. I think I might...
  12. Toddy

    Micarta (Tufnol) vs Stabilised wood on stainless steel?

    Those are nice, Chris :) very appealing Wood's beautiful, but I'm a practical little lady, and my micarta handled knives don't fret me the same way as the wooden handled ones do. I often work in the wet, in the mud, in the sticky, sappy (rarely gory) sort of stuff. The micarta ones I just...
  13. Toddy

    Any Roman Legionnaires about?

    Hoc est animal.......
  14. Toddy

    Hot Sweet Brew!

    @Wander Keep an eye on the Ribena in the shops just now. They do a seasonal one, kind of like spiced wine, but Ribena. It is lovely with hot water :) We've just finished the last bottle from the stash I put by last year. I'm hoping to find it again :) Marigold is good stuff. The kg sized tubs...
  15. Toddy

    Wild Vinegar's

    You can leave it so long that whatever you put in it pretty much dissolves. Not ideal for texture of veggies, if I make myself clear, but it's do-able. Pretty gross, but the monks used to dismember and boil up those dead whose bones they wanted. They boiled them up in vinegar. It was a way to...
  16. Toddy

    Hot Sweet Brew!

    I don't think that would do; the first ingredient (and therefore the largest by % ) is salt. You're right though that Kallo cubes usually do make a nice drink.
  17. Toddy

    A sloe day

    I suspect they might have waited until they bletted though.
  18. Toddy

    Hot Sweet Brew!

    If you really can't take salt, then RealFoodSource sell a natural stock powder that is made only from finely ground vegetables. I love salty, but sometimes I just can't take any, so this is the fallback stock I use. (just checked for a link and they don't have any.....and neither do my other...
  19. Toddy

    Mushroom preserves/pickes?

    Nice :) Shaggy ink caps go to mush really quickly I find, but great for a dark stock :)
  20. Toddy

    Hot Sweet Brew!

    I buy the big tub from Amazon, but they sell the small sized ones in Tesco, Sainsbury's, etc., There is a low salt version too. It's not terribly salty anyway though. In Tesco it's often put beside the FreeFrom stuff for the gluten free people. Holland and Barrett will have it too. Pretty sure...