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  1. Nyayo

    Reconstructing ancient clothing

    Hey guys - my quest to reconstruct and camp out with stone age kit continues....A question: where is a good place to get buckskin from? Or at least something that looks like buckskin? The only place I can find it online is in the this the best bet? Ede
  2. Nyayo

    Edible Insects

    Having watched Bruce Parry's Tribes DVDs (yet again) I'm struck by how many people around the world have insects as a part of their foraged diet. Now I know this has been asked before, but which species of insect can I eat in the UK? Are there any that I should really avoid? I feel I should know...
  3. Nyayo

    Otzi challenge

    Ok Folks - my latest project (without having finished any of the others...obviously!) is to collect/make/build an Otzi-style prehistoric loadout and spend at least a night out, Abo-style. So...any ideas where I can get/swap some iron pyrites and some flint? The Peaks are not so good for this! I...
  4. Nyayo

    Outdoor providers for people with disabilities

    Hello all - Having had lots of trouble trying to find various outdoor providers and activities for someone with cerebral palsy, my current project is putting together a website that will serve as a 'one stop' site giving information (mainly for parents of younger people with disabilities) as to...
  5. Nyayo

    Bushcraft for SEN

    Hey all - I'm about to provide outdoor activities, based on a sensory, creative, social curriculum for a group of people with a wide variety of learning disabilities, ranging in age from 2 to 19. Has anybody got any ideas for activities, or things to try? Ede
  6. Nyayo

    New Forest Schools business

    Hi guys - have been off air for ages, setting up my new Forest Schools/Bushcraft business. It's called 'Buck Stone Bushcraft', and will start up officially in January, although we're running some courses over half term. We'll be concentrating mainly on providing Forest Schools sessions for local...
  7. Nyayo

    Bushcraft self-employment

    Hello all - long time no hear! I'm just about to launch into the world of running a Forest Schools/Bushcraft business...scary!! What insurance will I need? First aid, a base, an outdoor classroom et.c all sorted, but it's the insurance that I'm after....and any other handy tips/advice/help etc...
  8. Nyayo

    Christmas possibles pouches

    Sue and I made these for our boys this Christmas.
  9. Nyayo

    Bushmoot bump

    Great moot - will post some pix when they're all collated. Just letting everyone who knows me (and who may have noticed my lovely other half with a very big baby bump) that the bump surprised us all by getting herself delivered on Monday 22nd August...just over three months early!!! x Eden
  10. Nyayo

    How many tracks (tricky)

    Ok, a simple challenge: how many species came past here, and a very difficult challenge: what were they.
  11. Nyayo

    Dutch Oven/Potjie

    Just taken delivery of a very fine dutch oven, griddle and skillet...any recommended veggie recipies to start playing?? N
  12. Nyayo


    OK - daft question time - why do some knives and axes have lanyard holes? To hang up? To secure around your wrist? N
  13. Nyayo

    Cookers and stoves - advice needed!

    OK, before I spend loads of cash on something that I'm not going to use, I need some advice:- What are the relative merits of the Honey stove, the Bush Cooker, the Bushbuddy and a basic charcoal-burning Hobo stove? Any replies greatly appreciated N
  14. Nyayo

    Cheeky Mink

    My boy and I had a very close encounter with two Mink near Todbrook reservoir in Whaley Bridge a couple of days ago, and now it's our summer project to track them. Their spoor seems quite straightforward, but what about feeding habits, use of runs and access to water? Do they take their prey...
  15. Nyayo

    noma, Copenhagen

    Saw this restaurant on masterchef the other day - serving 'New Nordic' and 'New Arctic' food on Copenhagen waterfront near Christainhavn - my brother-in-law went on a works do and said it was fantastic - see one review here...
  16. Nyayo

    Tracking in the snow

    Have been snowed out of work today, so I've been tracking bunnies/hare in the hills. Now then, there is a population of artic hares here - how do I tell the difference between hare and bunny? The tracks I saw today were quite big and 'hairy', so I was quite excited, but my inherent scepticism...
  17. Nyayo


    Hello all - we may have wangled a trip to Ecuador for next Summer hols. Now then, what could we do? What would anybody recommend? Ede
  18. Nyayo


    Has anybody ever used one of these? I'm currently looking for a good illumination system for the camp - SWMBO is tending towards a wind-up LED lantern, whereas I am swayed by the Bushlite candle system doo-hickey (I like the idea that it's lo-tech, and the fact that it's made in Africa...)...
  19. Nyayo

    The isle of Arran

    Hopefully heading out here at half term - any pointers as to good places to stay, or interesting things to do? I have ever intention of taking advantage of the more wise Scottish laws surrounding wild camping... I will certainly have my 7-year old partner in crime in tow as well... N
  20. Nyayo

    Lovely Denmark

    Am off to visit rellies in lovely Copenhagen this week. Any advice on good kit shops, or 'wilderness produce' shops? N