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  1. Short_edc

    Got caught out yesterday.

    Hi all hope you have had a wonderful weekend, I was reminded yesterday that having a first aid kit and everyone having the knowledge to use it is something that il never be without again, I’ve been working a birch burl kuksa, just bored lockdown play, I have been whittling since I was a kid...
  2. Short_edc

    £7 outad twig stove

    Hi all, I picked up a new stove that seemed too good to be true the other day from the amazon, £7 fantastic stove a little on the heavy side, but i recon it’s great, it’s called an outad camping stove. I took it out today and it was spot on, I’m not too technical savvy so I can’t post the pic I...
  3. Short_edc

    Wishing we could go back to the good ol days.

    I must say, I’ve been lurking about here reading old threads for what seems like an age, and you lot all seem like a top bunch of lovely people, I don’t do social media anymore and Seemingly it’s becoming difficult to connect with the outside world, and lately after all that’s been going on, I...
  4. Short_edc

    Hey everyone, new here and saying hi!!

    I’m based in the Cambridgeshire fens, hope everyone is safe and well.