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  1. malcolmc

    New Kelly Kettle Trekker Kit

    Hi all, Just come across this - Mine are: Pros: Small, easier to pack and should boil quicker than larger models Comprehensive accessories Uses natural fuel (big plus over a tommy cooker) Grill can also serve as a stand...
  2. malcolmc

    Where to get vacuum packed survival blankets?

    For years I’ve been carrying a single use vacuum packed Mylar survival blanket in my large first aid kit. It was a useful size, 2.1 x 1.6 metre unfolded and only 4mm thick in the pack. This Thursday I had need of it at a road traffic accident. I thought I would be able to replace it with ease. I...
  3. malcolmc

    Low temperature digital camera?

    Right, I’ve finally decided to go digital; problem is all the cameras I’ve been offered have a spec that only goes down to -10C. Both my 35mm cameras go down to -20C and from time to time I do use them below -10C. I find it hard to believe that low temperature digital cameras don’t exist - I’ve...
  4. malcolmc

    Heads Up

    Some time ago I posted a recommendation for a Sheffield knife maker; it’s with much regret I have to report bad service from that company. I’ve had a Taylor’s Eye Witness pocket folder since the 1960’s and have been very pleased with it, never let me down, but now it’s a bit worn and I’d been...
  5. malcolmc

    Heads up; bio flick of Grey Owl

    For those in the UK the bio flick of Grey Owl is scheduled to be broadcast on ITV1 at 01:20 hrs (British Summer Time) on Saturday 11 July.
  6. malcolmc

    Where do you carry your wound dressing?

    So we all pack our first aid kit before our sharps, don’t we? I’m just reading a book that suggests it’s a good idea to keep a wound dressing handy when out and about, the accompanying illustration shows it being carried on the top right of a rucksack strap, I carry mine in a compass pouch on...
  7. malcolmc

    Anyone know where can I get this particular type of pace beads?

    You know when you’re getting old when you lose your navigation kit before you’ve left home. :sigh: I used to have a string of pace/ranger beads that were fairly large, about ½” (12 mm) in diameter, and shaped like miniature upturned flower pots, which allowed them to nest but still be easy...
  8. malcolmc

    Change the title of a thread

    OK I goofed.:o Having started a thread to which others are posting pictures to how do I change the thread title to indicate it is now pic heavy? I’ve edited the title of my original post but this change is not reflected in the thread title (sorry about the lack of forsight).
  9. malcolmc

    Autumn Colour (Pic heavy)

    Went for a bit of a wander first thing yesterday. This is view from where I stopped for breakfast; well, it set me up for the day. :)
  10. malcolmc

    International Day of Peace

    Most of the TV I watch is time shifted. I’ve just seen a film, broadcast on BBC4 in the UK yesterday, titled ‘The Day After Peace’. It describes Jeremy Gilley’s vision of an annual ‘Day of Peace’ (every 21 September, today) and how he pursued this over many years. It is both moving and...
  11. malcolmc

    Have I got this right or is there a better way?

    One question a potential bushcraft site owner has raised is that of latrines. Back when I was in the scouts I was taught a latrine trench had to be at least 2 ft (60 cm) deep and at least 100 yd (100 m) from any water course. At the end of the camp the trench was filled in and the ground...
  12. malcolmc

    Question about self inflating kip mats

    I’m looking for a bit of comfort in my old age and thought these self inflating mat thingies may offer more comfort than the celluar foam types. I don’t know a lot about these mats but I’m trying to find out how reliable they are in use. My first concern is how robust the material itself is...
  13. malcolmc

    Easy tick removal?

    I’ve been looking to add a modern tick remover to my FAK. The first chemist I tried the pharmacist suggested you don’t need them; all you need to do is cover the tick with butter – it won’t be able to breathe and will drop off in a couple of minutes. Anyone tried this? Does it work? :confused:
  14. malcolmc

    I’m back – but a bit unfit

    Well I’m back after a few weeks in dock having a bit of internal reconfiguration carried out. At the present rate of progress, getting fit again, it looks as if I will not be heading for the hills this any time this year. Still I’ll have no excuse if my kit isn’t in good order when I do...
  15. malcolmc

    Compass suppliers in London?

    I’ve managed to break my compass. It was an ex-service marching type of Second World War vintage, I’ve had it over 40 years. Black bakerlite with a mirror to let you see when the needle had settled as you took a bearing and, crucially, a needle lock to preserve the reading if you move the...
  16. malcolmc

    Cleaning kit

    My posh new olive green PLCE pouches have now got rain stains all over them. They’re Cordura with Velcro and metal fittings. Anyone know the best way to clean them. Ideally I’d really like to chuck them in a washing machine - but which wash cycle?
  17. malcolmc

    Source for combi ferrules

    Another tread has promted me yet again to search the net for a source of a combi spike/rubber ferrule to fit to my existing walking stave. Commercial ones have them, there must be someone making them somewhere. I have yet to find a souce - anyone know were they can be bought? Thanks.
  18. malcolmc

    Romany recipes

    For those who are interested, this month’s Waitrose Food Illustrated magazine has an article on traditional Romany food. Recipes are:- Borscht, Creamed mushrooms on toast, Shrimp cakes, Barbecued spicy chicken, Frying-pan berry tart and Griddle cakes. All taken from Gypsy Feast by...
  19. malcolmc

    Link querry

    The link to Nomad Bushcraft at the 'List of Schools' page ( doesn't seem to relate to bushcraft training now.
  20. malcolmc

    How do you carry belt kit when using a rucksack with a hipbelt?

    I’m coming back to hill walking after a break of quite a few years. I need to replace most of my old gear. I’m amazed by how comfortable modern gear is, in particular rucksacks with hip belts. Snag is what do you do with belt kit when you’re using one? I’ve asked in several kit shops most...