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  1. Chainsaw

    Petrol and Diesel Shortages

    Heard an interesting conspiracy theory that all the petrol stored but not consumed last year is going to 'go off' soon so they thought they'd invent a crisis to get it all consumed before then.... :D Tinfoil on! ;) Just whacked in £70 of unleaded, no queues or anything up here. Down in...
  2. Chainsaw

    Petrol and Diesel Shortages

    Went to the supermarket at lunchtime to get some stuff for the weekend. Lots of people queueing to get fuel and also MacDonalds which is in the same area as the petrol station/supermarket. I suspect people were out getting their big macs and decided to fill up while they were out. Drove to...
  3. Chainsaw

    Waxed canvas pouches and beeswax food wraps

    We use baking parchment (grease proof paper as it was in my day!) under and over the thing to be ironed. Works a treat, remove when still very warm
  4. Chainsaw

    Wanted Stuart Mitchell Sgian Dubh

    I did see it in time was poised... Then I thought... 600 quid would see me single! :)
  5. Chainsaw

    Wanted Stuart Mitchell Sgian Dubh

    Warthog's post was the closest I've ever come to getting a divorce ;)
  6. Chainsaw

    Are axes covered by UK Knife law?

    The OP asked the question I said ie he would be legal if he can prove good reason or lawful authority. So I think we agree?? He is not legal without good reason, ie it's not like a small SAK where you don't need good reason as the hatchet does count as a bladed article under S139 Is that...
  7. Chainsaw

    Are axes covered by UK Knife law?

    Never heard of anyone getting arrested. General advice is be polite and you should be ok if you can show good cause.
  8. Chainsaw

    Are axes covered by UK Knife law?

    Yes, I think this section is still relevant. Doesn't discriminate between a knife or axe, all bladed articles. Good reason defence applies Section 139 of the Criminal Justice Act (CJA) 1988 prohibits having an article with blade or point, in a public place (including a folding pocket knife if...
  9. Chainsaw

    Open question - Financial

    Agreed, this looks very good but I am very risk averse, especially with money (hey I'm scottish!! ;) ) In truth, it's taken me a long and hard struggle (and a fair bit of luck) to get from being brought up by a struggling single parent to where I am now. Old habits are hard to break. I do...
  10. Chainsaw

    Open question - Financial

    Always a question on how much you are prepared to lose. Investment is always about risk vs reward. High risk = high reward or low risk = low reward and various shades in between. At the moment ISA's are pretty poor as they are pretty safe and ditto with 'high' interest savings accounts. If...
  11. Chainsaw

    RPG - the type of game not weapon

    Warhammer is the crack cocaine of gaming! :D There to remove pocket money from teenagers at an alarming rate. It is much more proscriptive (compulsory rule book adoption if you want to play in store) We used to roleplay/game everything, one of the favourites was Wild West but we did scifi...
  12. Chainsaw

    Good milk container

    I use one of these and frequently forget to empty it but as it's stainless the cottage cheese comes away fine. I'm canoeing in scotland so keeping it cool isn't usually an issue.
  13. Chainsaw

    Joining the canoe world.

    yup plenty to learn! try sniffing about the canoe wales website (I'm sure you have) The best idea would be to get in touch with a local club and join that. You will get loads of support, tips and...
  14. Chainsaw

    Microsoft edge

    Nope, just make sure you update from Edge itself rather than an email or anything. I'm sure you know this. I don't use it either but from Edge, click on the 3 breadcrumbs in the top right and then on Help and Feedback, then Help and it will take you to a page where you can find the update.
  15. Chainsaw

    What are the aims & purpose of Bushcrafting?

    to have fun and mess about with sharp things and burny things in the woods... Just pitching an alternative viewpoint, not to say the skills learned don't have other benefits. :)
  16. Chainsaw

    Tent Pegs

    I got some of these Rhino Pegs some time ago from ebay. Have never been able to find them since. They are a nylon, automotive type plastic, pretty much unbreakable, I've actually had them bend round a rock in the ground and still hold firm. + cross section so very grippy and were available in...
  17. Chainsaw

    Guided sharpening systems - user feedback? Likes, Dislikes?

    I've an edgepro I picked up in Oregon some years ago which I drag out maybe once or twice a year to do the kitchen knives and the odd pair of scissors. I have used it on other knives that have secondary bevels, mainly folders, . That's pretty much all it is good for but it does it very, very...
  18. Chainsaw

    Problem accessing the forums with Fireofx

    I'm on firefox 80.0.1, no issues
  19. Chainsaw

    Map cases

    I print a bunch of maps different magnifications/sizes that I may need onto waterproof paper on my laser printer. Apologies for referencing another forum but review here. Soggy maps are one of my pet hates. Game changer for me!
  20. Chainsaw

    Woollen blanket problems

    OI!! ;)