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    Eagle trail, Tatra mts, southern Poland

    Eagle trail (Orla Perć)... did it yesterday. Prices were surprisingly low, town of Zakopane clean and nice, plenty of good accomodation and superb pubs with excellent food for chill out time after sunset. But bevare of local beer "Kasztelan", it´s stronger than you may think!
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    For gyus with kids...

    Hi all, I have quite strange question on all of you who got kids, but... Well, me and my gf try to start a family. Neither of us is aware of any complications (I used to earn some extra money as a sperm donor during my studies on university so this should be OK), but we can´t succeed so far - 6...
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    NP Hohe Tauern, Austria

    just got back:
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    NP Peneda Geres, Portugal, pic heavy

    ...just got back, amazing place, no tourists in remote parts. My recommendations: Rio Arado and Rio Homem valleys, walking all the way to the top.
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    Czech wildlife

    I am very grateful that you British folks run so much good sites and blogs about bushcraft and wildlife photography where I can gain a lot of knowledge and inspiration, and so for anybody interested here is a little contribution from my own country. I use Nikon D80 with Nikkor70-300mm objective...