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  1. Timinwales


    Monday evening,...finish work, late!! catch all the traffic en route home, get in to find SWTSMBO watching Judge Judy, followed by corrie the eastenders, then more corrie and now I'm a celeb get me out of here, do'nt you just love monday evenings??? sorry spleen vented! <grasps ear lobes...
  2. Timinwales

    swazi/RM back forty any thoughts?

    Hi As the title says really. My Mum:You_Rock_ being the all round good egg she is was kind enough to buy me a hooded back 40 from woodlore for my birthday. Now it's a cracking bit of kit I'm not particularly taken with the RM badge but thats no biggie really. The shirt itself is well made...
  3. Timinwales

    Hppy New Year

    I know it's early but as I'm away next week I thought I'd get in and offer my best wishes to one and all for the new year. May it bring good health, good cheer, and good fortune. Have a good Samhain Tim
  4. Timinwales

    Leather supplier

    Hi Apologies if this has been asked before, but does anyone have contact details for a good quality leather supplier (reasonably priced to boot) ?. The nights are starting to draw in and I have been looking for a possibles pouch for a while that does'nt cost the earth so I'm thinking I should...
  5. Timinwales

    Wanted, PLCE day pack yoke

    Hi folks, Lost mine trying to find a replacement hopefully in OG although colour not drastically important any and all assistance greatfully recieved, not sure what I have for swaps that anyone might want but I'm guessing an amicable arrangment can be met. Ok thats plan A, plan B is I try...
  6. Timinwales

    300 TDI timing belt

    As the title says guys one unused Landy 300Tdi timing belt, bought for mine about 3 weeks before the the original went, the circumstances of which are cringe worthy indeed suffice to say it was the last time my Ex drove it. Anyhow up for swapsies anything considered, as I now drive a 307...
  7. Timinwales

    Alan Wood, Woodlore

    Hi Calling all Alan Wood Woodlore owners. At the risk of being a right pain in the proverbial, is there any chance one of you kind Gents or Ladies could possibly let me know the dimensions as detailed as possible (I told you I risked being a pain) of your much sought after, highly desireable...
  8. Timinwales

    Possible Mosquito Hammock Group Buy

    Hi Guys this is just to gauge interest really I've been speaking to Tom at Mosquito Hammocks ref a discount for bulk buys. Now there are two options: 1: Mosquito Jungle Hammock delivered to your door c/w flysheet for $120 so long as more than one is ordered. (PM me for further info re import...
  9. Timinwales

    Field Target Rifle, not bush craft

    Hi Folks its an Air Arms EV 2, with laminate stock and a nikko sterling 10>50x60 range finding scope, the scope has custom sidewheel and turret made by Terry Hart, very accurate rifle, totally adjustable stock. Reason for sale? I do'nt have the time to put in the practice to do it justice...
  10. Timinwales

    I've been in the loft and........

    Hi Folks, I need to create some space so I have one or two bits to trade, Sprayway XCR jacket used but not abused A pair of Grivel RAMBO climbing axes (new picks and Adze/hammer) size 11 Combat boots (barely worn) Rip stop dpm field jacket with detachable wired hood (XL) worn once...
  11. Timinwales

    DD hammocks

    Hello Folks I'm after a wee bit of advice, has anyone got any experiance of the aforementioned Hammocks?. If so, how do you rate them?, they seem fairly well priced and it would seem you get alot for your money (tight fisted Yorkshireman that I am). Then again theres a bit of me that insists...
  12. Timinwales

    Evenin' all

    Just hello for now folks, I've been popping in from time to time and reading from the shadows, some really useful info here and some excellent craftsmen. Anyway I decided to take the plunge and sign up, Cheers Tim