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    Archery Butts - Has anyone made their own?

    I've recently taken up archery and having shot my way through all the old telephone directories I had in the house, I'm not thinking about making my own archery butt. Has anyone got any tips, I've tried corrugated cardboard and newspaper sandwiches and they work fine, but as I get more accurate...
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    Arm Guard designs?

    I started archery over winter, and I've been shooting outside in my old Barbour, but this week the sun shone on our club meeting and I was in shorts & T-shirt. While I liked the fact I didn't get rain dribbling down the back of my neck, it did have one less comfortable result. I hadn't...
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    Oh look cheapie tipis

    I've not read a lot about Green Outdoor's products just one on Path Of The Paddle about their Baker-Tent which seemed very positive. Anyway I thought I'd flag up their current sale offers, they've got a 4-person polyester "tipi" for sale HERE for £59 reduced from £199! Seemed a good deal so...
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    Pyrenean Shepherds' Fire Lighter.

    I was looking through the Nature et Decouverte website today. They're a sort of slightly eco, slightly outdoors, slightly wooden toy shop over here in France. Amongst their stuff for walkers I found THIS. It's called a Pyrenean shepherds' lighter and works with no gas, no petrol...
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    So this is what you lot get up to at a meet.
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    Cheap-ish "tarp"

    Ok, I should start by saying I'm in France, so for all I know none of this applies or is available anywhere but here for reasonable prices, but I figure it probably is, so it's worth posting. I've been looking for a cheap tarp for a bit, for kipping out under when I'm canoeing/biking/cycling...