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  1. kard133

    For Sale Pots bivvys and more.

    Looking for good homes, a selection of goods to whet, if not help, fill your appetites. Shipping only to the United Kingdom, paypal or bank transfer welcome. SOLD First, an MSR Stowaway 1.1L, heavy guage stainless steel. Used a few times. I would like £15, fees and shipping included. SOLD...
  2. kard133

    Gum blanket 2.0

    After seeing CoalCracker Bushcraft on YouTube using an American Civil War item called a Gum Blanket, which is a simple canvas sheet with a vulcanised rubber coating on one side, I thought to myself, that would make the idea groundsheet. It would be spark resistant, more abrasion resistant and...
  3. kard133

    Sold Reductions: Luxe Minipeak, Terrava Skrama, Gerber Strongarm and more...

    Hi all, first to PM for an item has priority. SOLD First up a Luxe Minipeak 2 one man tent with the inner, two man without. comes with a collapsible four section alloy pole which I have modified with a locking screw. this is a lovely tent, in a good bushcrafty green colour, with the older full...
  4. kard133

    For Sale 5.11 Shirt, Paramo Fuera windshirt, Swedish Snow Smock.

    Hi all, all prices include postage and paypal fees. SOLD First up I have a green 5.11 shirt in size medium, no stains or rips, which sadly does not fit me any more and is unlikey to ever again. I would like £15 SOLD SPF Second up is a Paramo Fuera windshirt size large, worn a few times and...
  5. kard133

    For Sale Rock Creek Sable stacked leather handle

    Up for grabs are the following items, all prices include postage and paypal fees. I am not looking for trades at this time unless you are in the Bristol and Bath area and would be happy to exchange in person, if so please let me know. All knife sales are to over 18s only. SOLD Manly Patriot, D2...
  6. kard133

    Sold SOLD Bernie Garland bushcraft knife blank

    SOLD Unused Bernie Garland woodlore style blank in O1, some marks on the blade which should polish out, a nice little project blade. Overall length 221mm, cutting edge 96mm, I am looking for for £40 including shipping by either PayPal or bank transfer. SOLD
  7. kard133

    Sold Bark River Bushcrafter 3v

    SOLD 1st Production run Bark River Bushcrafter in 3v with Black Micarta scales and brown leather sheath, practically unused, but has a few marks on the blade. I would like £85 by paypal or bank transfer, shipping inlcuded, but I will only ship within the UK. SOLD
  8. kard133

    Sold Condor HD Kukri

    SOLD Modified HD Kukri by Condor, thinned the grind a bit to improve the bite, squared up the spine near the handle, and reshaped the handle slightly to stop it twisting in the hand, I am looking for £55 shipped, by bank transfer or paypal. SOLD
  9. kard133

    Sold SPF Becker BK9

    Sold Practically unused Ka Bar Becker BK9, few marks as shown on the blade, I would like £100 by paypal or bank transfer, shipping included. First to post interest and contact me by PM gets the prize. More items to follow.
  10. kard133

    Sold Cold Steel O1 Trailmaster (SPF), Aquaquest Safari 3x2 green tarp (sold)

    I have the following items for sale, to fund my growing addiction for canvas and wool. SOLD O1 tool steel cold steel trailmaster, still in the original box and razor sharp, aside from removing it a few times to admire the beast, it is unused and still has traces of the grease it came packed in...
  11. kard133

    For Sale RP80, bivvi bag, Trailstar type tarp.

    Sold No pics, but I have a Trailstar type tarp shelter in grey, used once, exactly like this one: Trailstar type . I would like £30 shipped, paid by paypal or bank transfer, all fees included. Sold SPF RP80 external frame pack made for Varusteleka by Savotta, Link built like a tank, very...
  12. kard133

    Wanted Long shot, but I am looking for a puppy.

    My girlfriend and I are looking to get a puppy, up to one year old, preferably a mixed breed of mid size, with any of the following in its lineage: Labrador Golden retriever Staffordshire bull terrier We are living in Bath, but for her I would travel anywhere in the UK to meet the right one. We...
  13. kard133

    Withdrawn Still available, Sarma RP80 external frame pack.

    SOLD Hi all, I have a Robens Klondike 6 person tipi, used for a total of 8 days over the past two years, with no marks and stored dry, it is a fantastic tent for a family, or hot tenting and realistically I am not going to use it to its full potential. No pictures I am afraid, but the full...
  14. kard133

    Sold Kifaru Woobie (now Sold), and some other bits, price reduced.

    SPF Kifaru Woobie, clean and barely used, a really nice lightweight camping quilt, in multicam and desert tan rhinoskin fabric. £90 inc postage, payment by bank transfer or paypal. SPF" width="800" height="450"...
  15. kard133

    For Sale Tarps, a sleeping bag and a Jerven

    All prices include recorded delivery. In no particular order Sold Jerven Fjellduken Hunter, used twice, guaranteed waterproof, a fantastic bit of kit but not getting any use, so yours for £200 by paypal or bank transfer. Sold Sold Carinthia Tropen, good bag, used for maybe six nights, works...
  16. kard133

    For Sale Falknivens A1, and F1 Pro

    The following items are for purchase by those over 18 only, and will be shipped via UPS with adult signature required delivery. I would also be happy to deliver either of these within 20 miles of Bristol. Payment by Paypal or Bank Transfer, delivery included. More picture available on request...
  17. kard133

    Now Taken: FREE just pay postage, MUST GO!!! Polish Army Sleep / roll Mat.

    Big, heavy, needs a clean, Polish Army Sleeping Mat, idea for a swag project, free to collector, or pay £7 for a courier, located in Bristol.
  18. kard133

    For Sale Lion Steel M5

    Buyers must be 18 years and over, collection from Bristol welcome. Prices reduced. SOLD Lion steel M5, Sleipner steel, black G10 scales, nylon sheath, some scratches from use and sharpening, looking for £90, shipping and fees included, payment by paypal or bank transfer. SOLD SOLD Next is...
  19. kard133

    Withdrawn Some Packs and pieces.

    Post Christmas clear out. Withdrawn. First up a Gatewood Cape in forest green, one small hole near the edge by a tie out point. The gatewood cape is an ultralight tent that doubles as a poncho, made from silnylon. This has been used once, and just isn't for me. Looking for £85 by paypal or bank...
  20. kard133

    Robens Klondike bell tent.

    GoOutdoors will price match Taunton Camping and leisure on this 4m polycotton bell tent, so I picked one up for £404.99 instead of £539 just in time for the moot, I need the space this year.:)