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  1. crosslandkelly

    Whitebeam Fruits.

    The Whitebeam (Sorbus Aria) that I planted as a tiny sapling, nearly twenty years ago, is finally bearing fruit. While the fruits are edible, they are quite tasteless. Still, it will be a beautiful shade tree, in about twenty five years. :)
  2. crosslandkelly

    Celtic Iron Age Round House Build.

    I've been watching these two building their Round house for around a year now, fascinating. Their dedication to using only traditional methods for the build, and the sheer amount of effort and enthusiasm, is inspiring.
  3. crosslandkelly

    Anyone going to the Wilderness Gathering.

    Come and say hi to, Wayland, Mesquite and myself, at the Steamtent Co-operative set up. What we are about is here.
  4. crosslandkelly


    Found this guy on YT, a lot of interesting information on his channel.
  5. crosslandkelly

    Uploading photos.

    I used to be able to upload photos directly from my laptop, but that option seems to be gone. I opened a Flickr account yesterday, and tried to upload from there, but no luck, just the message "Image cannot be loaded from the passed link". Any thoughts?
  6. crosslandkelly

    Trip Report Weekend in the lavvu.

    Had a great quiet and relaxing weekend in the woods. Friday was a bit damp while setting up, but saturday was glorious. I was able to read the book I had been meaning to for ages. It chucked it down for an hour around 3am this morning, but it was warm and dry in the lavvu. Sliced ribeye steak...
  7. crosslandkelly

    Planning Polish Lavvu.

    Hoping to get out for a solo 2 nighter toward the end of the month, using my old lavvu. With this in mind, I thought I'd set it up in the garden to season, and air out in readiness. We're expecting some heavy rain and dry spells over the weekend, so should be great to bring up the canvases...
  8. crosslandkelly

    New Layout

    I have to say I much prefer the new BcUK layout.
  9. crosslandkelly

    Wow, this guy is fast.

  10. crosslandkelly

    This made me chuckle.

  11. crosslandkelly

    Trip Report Stealthy overnighter.

    Found a lovely bit of secluded woodland, next to a livery I have been doing some work at. So yesterday, after I had finished I hiked the 300 meters to the wood for an overnighter. All packed on Thursday evening. Set up for Friday night. Cowboy coffee on the boil. Ribeye steak with onions...
  12. crosslandkelly

    Very hot weekend.

    A few pics of a very hot but relaxing, much needed, Friday and Saturday night out in the woods. Friday nights set up. Friday sunset. Cowboy coffee. All of this to roam and play in. 10 acres of woodland to camp in. Padron peppers for lunch. Seasoned steak on a stick. Saturday nights...
  13. crosslandkelly

    BcUK patch.

    Patch arrived this morning Tony, many thanks to you and the admin team for your sterling work.
  14. crosslandkelly

    Circular saw blade knife suggestions.

    Hi all, I'm looking for suggestions for a blade shape to cut from a 1.5mm thick circular saw blade. I have cut the tang, but would like to hear any ideas about blade type or shape.
  15. crosslandkelly

    Lockdown SteamTent camping.

    The weather is so nice it had to be done.
  16. crosslandkelly

    Lockdown garden camping.

    That's me set for the weekend.
  17. crosslandkelly

    Just out of the oven 2.

    Corned beef hash with cheesy leek and potato topping.
  18. crosslandkelly

    Just out of the oven.

    Banana bread.
  19. crosslandkelly

    Lockdown glamping.

  20. crosslandkelly

    Face mask.

    Not really bushcrafty but.... Thought I'd spend a couple of hours in the sun, and have a go at making a face mask. Making a pattern that worked was harder than the mask. Not great, but I'm quite pleased with how it turned out. Will have a go at fastenings and decorations tomorrow.