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    fruits of the forest tea.

    Hello everyone, Just got a new dehydrator. Anyone made fruits of the forest tea? I seem to remember seeing an article somewhere using the leaves of raspberry and blackberry and blackcurrant etc. Any help appreciated.
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    Pig killing process.

    Hello everyone, I said quite a while ago I would post pictures of the whole pig killing process. Well I'm finally getting round to it,lol. I'm stuck in Germany for a bit after a car crash. No-one hurt fortunately so I have some rare spare time. I've put the set on Flckr so all I have to do is...
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    Hello again from restored laptop, lol

    Hello everyone, as the post said I was without for a while there but now back to normal. I am not in Bulgaria at present but the UK, lol. Barn Owl, sent you a pm, hope to catch up and have a gab. I hope everyone is well as I am in the pink. Regards J
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    Ailsa Craig in the sunset

    Hello all, here is a set from the past,just practicing my uploading skill,lol. ok, we will see if that works. I have loads of stuff I'd like to share.
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    Pig killing and processing

    Hello everyone, not quite wild food but it would be similar for the wild boar here. I am just having a stab at getting pictures up on the site and this is my first go. This is a set of pictures from a pig killing we did at my...
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    Pig killing and processing

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    open invitation

    Hello everyone, You are all invited to Bulgaria. I'm not joking lol. I live a practically self sufficient lifestyle and I belong to another organisation called WWOOF. I get volunteers come help me in the garden. Now given that they come for free (I feed and house them=they do a bit of...
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    Hello from Bulgaria

    Hello everyone, I'm new to this site and hoping to glean some new stuff and maybe post some of my stuff. I look forward to making new friends. I spend a lot of time outdoors, photography mostly. Fishing and mushrooming is big on the agenda and foraging, we have apples, pears and all sorts of...