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    For Sale Finnish Model 12/3 "Kemi" Axe

    Selling Finnish Model 12/3 "Kemi" Axe with lacquered birch handle. Total length with handle is 40 cm or around 15.5 inches. Weight is about 1.2 kg or around 2.5 lb. Blade with is 8 cm or a bit more than 3 inches. There are no cracks, deep pits or similar major faults on the head. There is a bit...
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    For Sale NOS Finnish Tools, Clothing and Equipment

    Payment via SEPA bank transfer or PayPal. 1) New old stock Billnäs/Fiskars 1133 axes with 85mm (c. 3.4 in.) chromium-vanadium steel blade and factory birch handle. Made in the 1960s or early 1970s when Fiskars started branding Billnäs with their own name. Some have some lost paint in the blade...
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    I have found a supplier of NOS 1980s or early 1990s zippers. The price of a zipper will depend of the number of orders, but would be in the neighborhood of 1 € per zipper (without shipping). The price for shipping for up to 10 zippers is 3.70 € and 5.80 € up to 20 zippers inside Europe. For...
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    Finnish NOS Wool Jacket

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    Finnish Linen Snow Smock

    Finnish Defence Forces snow smock made out of linen twill in 1971. In mint condition, bought as NOS and used only a few times during winter. Has been washed once. Button enclosure, two lower pockets that allow access to lower clothing layers but can't be use to store items without modifications...
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    NOS/Mint Finnish Wool Trousers

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    NOS Finnish Opisometer or Map Measurer

    All items sold.
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    NOS Finnish m/39 Winter Hats

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    NOS Finnish m/36 wool field cap

    For sale, NOS Finnish m/36 wool field caps in sizes 55 (1 pcs) and 58 (3pcs). These are the same as the WWII model, but made out of pure grey wool and thick leather. The caps have been made in the 1960s and kept in storage until now. PRICE: 20 &#8364; including shipping to Europe
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    Withdrawn Finnish Billnäs 1133 Axe

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    Sold sold sold
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    Finnish Defence Forces Leather Boots

    During the 1970s, the Finnish Defence Forces designed laced leather boot based on earlier laceless calf-high boot design from the 1960s. The boots are made with Goodyear welt. The soles are either full leather or leather insole combined with outer crepe rubber sole. The boots are designed to be...
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    Finnish Surplus Wool Fabric

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    Finnish m/66 Field Shirt

    Finnish m/66 field shirt is made out of 100 % cotton flannel. Most of the shirts being sold at the Finnish Defence Forces' depots are new-old stock and were made in the mid-1990s. The size range available is 50-56. Recommended laundry temperature is 60°C. The size of the neck opening can be...
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    Vintage Finnish Snow Smocks

    A Finnish online surplus store has obtained 15 vintage Finnish snow smocks made in 1971 and are selling them 10 € each. I believe these are made using a pattern created in the 1950s. The fabric seem to be natural linen or linen-cotton blend twill. The only size available is European size 52...
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    The Hunt for Orange Cloudberry

    As a continuation for my previous report Vising the Reindeer Country, I am currently staying at the same cabin in Northern Finland. My main purpose is to gather cloudberries for the winter, but also continue testing the same equipment I used in the same location last winter. During the week the...
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    The Finnish Thicket

    I took these photographs while doing an inventory of Siberian flying squirrel nesting trees and the animals itself in the coast of Southern Finland. According to the European Union directive, these animals must be protected from the forestry and finding one of these from a forest can stop entire...
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    Article: Sievi "Light Boots" - Three Season Boots for Subarctic

    You can view the page at
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    Sievi "Light Boots" - Three Season Boots for Subarctic

    Sievi "Light Boots" are professional polyurethane boots made by a Finnish manufacturer Sievi in the municipality of Sievi. They are available in three configurations without a steel cap: without laces (BLACK, RED and OLIVE O4), with laces (OLIVE LACES O4) and with laces and lining (WARM O4). I...