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  1. sunndog

    helikon tex numbat users or chest pouch reccomendations

    So I'm after a new chest pouch something along these lines Would be ideal but I don't want to wait for China post. The fastex buckles are big bonus. Price wise certainly sub 50 quid, this will lead a hard life being scraped on drystone walls and dragged through mud and it would kill me to...
  2. sunndog

    Wanted Leatherman crunch or surge. Possible swap for wave+

    As title please folks, anyone got a leatherman crunch or surge they want to move on? Possible swap for leatherman wave+ too Cheers.....adam *edit I want these to live in a motorbike tool kit rather than being drawer queens so dont worry if you have a well used example
  3. sunndog

    £20 folding firebox

    Another eBay find dunno if everyone already knows about it or not Actually looks pretty sweet
  4. sunndog

    Cheap mors pot style kettle 1.2ltr

    Just popped up on ebay This 750ml one too
  5. sunndog

    Single AAA torch options?

    So i'm after a single AAA torch. I'm well behind the times i know so thought i'd reach out to the torchists on here for some pointers. up to now the led maglite solitair ticks all of the boxes on my list apart from a pocket clip but i know its old hat these days. I also know the pocket clip off...
  6. sunndog

    Hi-lift jack spares

    Evening folks Anyone know where I can order a spare rack for a hi-lift per chance? I need one for next week ideally and didn't think they'd be this hard to find. I'll ring some shops up tomorrow but if I can find somewhere in mean time all the better Cheers all
  7. sunndog

    Wanted SKRAMA

    Not had a new knife for a while and getting itchy fingers lol Maybe a long shot but anyone thinking of selling theirs give me a shout please Cheers.......adam
  8. sunndog

    anyone know about Coleman powerhouse pumps?

    Just got my powerhouse lantern out of the shed for a test run and the pump wont pump! With me thumb over the hole it just builds pressure without transferring the air to wherever it normally goes The plunger moves freely but it seems an air passage (into the tank?) Is blocked Anyone had this...
  9. sunndog

    Anyone subscribe to amazon prime?

    Evening all So we're thinking of canceling netflix and going to amazon prime. A question i cant seem to find the answer to is can me and the mrs both watch stuff on our tablets from one account....or can i allow say a visitor to use it without giving them access to my entire amazon...
  10. sunndog

    Full hammock set up by bespoke ultralight equipment

    A couple of years ago i stumbled upon a chap on ebay going by the name of scottytemplar. He was selling some hammock gear he'd made and after a few msgs back and forth he ended up making me a tarp. the summer tarp in the vid below (or as i call it, my porkchop express tarp) fast forward to...
  11. sunndog

    anyone got a gransfors large splitting axe?

    If you have one could you do me a favour and measure the eye size for me please I'm looking for a haft for a wee project Cheers......adam
  12. sunndog

    'Traditional' bushcraft timeline

    We talk about 'traditional' bushcraft kit quite a lot. But i'v been wondering what sort of time scale 'traditional' refers to in our common vernacular? i like a bit of history but am rubbish with dates, so if you can put a rough date on anything that would be great What we call...
  13. sunndog

    Anyone printed off a bushcraft show ticket?

    Just done mine and i'm not convinced i'v done it right All i can get to print off doesn't look like a "ticket" to a show at all. Its got the scannable code thing, my name, and the warning below to bring your ticket to the show....doesn't actually say "this is your ticket" or anything so i'm...
  14. sunndog

    Tengu your inbox is full

    Minimum ten characters so..........
  15. sunndog

    What do you call porridge thats left to 'set' and eaten like a cake?

    No i don't just mean yesterdays porridge, although thats probably what it was originally :) Its something i'v often done with the mornings breakfast porridge (i always do too much) and had it with my lunch or for supper when out walking But i'm sure its a traditional recipe too....any pointers...
  16. sunndog

    Quaker oats cuppa porridge

    My mrs got me a box today since they were half price they taste like the sweepings off the factory floor........(message ends)
  17. sunndog

    tarp grip clips and pole mod (video)

    I'v been asked a couple of times about the grip clips i use as tempory panel pulls on a tarp, so i thought i'd do a quick little vid Heres where i got mine...
  18. sunndog

    Loop alien tarp and hammock suspension (videos)

    Ello, ello Got a couple of vids here on how i use my favorite little piece of hardware on hammocks and tarps I seriously love these little fellas. Easily THE most versatile suspension hardware i'v ever used Genuine ones are from and clones are all over ebay and aliexpress...
  19. sunndog

    Hands free filming with a phone?

    So i want to film a couple of hammocking vids. But i'v only got my phone to do it Anyone got any cheap and nasty ideas for hands free filming (head mount maybe?) without buying any gadgets or owt like that? Adam
  20. sunndog

    Snugpak or DD underquilt

    As above please folks. Need to kit my dad out for an outing Cheers.....adam