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  1. SquirrelBoy

    Jack Hargreaves on DVD

    Posted a link a while ago for his `Out of Town` series on VHS - now it looks like its avaliable on DVD :wink:
  2. SquirrelBoy

    Archery and Hand Drills...

    Just had a thought after posting a picture of my belt kit... I have some arrows in the quiver and wondered if by cutting off the tip, I could use one as a hand drill or even with the bow... well a bow drill set? Not to sure what my arrows are made of and not too keen to destroy one to...
  3. SquirrelBoy

    Jack Hargreaves - Out of Town VHS tapes

    Only just remembered to post this heads-up about the ol`man Jack Hargreaves.. Series 1 and 2 of his famous `Out of Town` Might make a nice xmas present :biggthump
  4. SquirrelBoy

    Meths fuel container

    Am thinking about what to carry meths in, and I think a few of you have this bottle I wondered what your opinions were of it - leaky? sturdy? etc Also it comes in two sizes - 0.5ltr and 1ltr bottles (only a £1 difference in price!?) what one would you recommend, did you buy the wrong...
  5. SquirrelBoy

    Bearclaw Bushcraft Leather Possibles Pouch

    I have just received delivery of my Bearclaw order that I placed with Gary yesterday and am I one happy bunny ! Not only with the delivery time but with the quality of my order. Among other items that I bought was this excellent leather possibles pouch. It really is a quality item, made...
  6. SquirrelBoy

    Crusader Cooking Unit

    Ive just seen this and want one :o): Do any of you guys or girls know where I can get one?. Sounds contradictory posting a link but BCB is a trade only supplier :roll: Guess I could try to make one...
  7. SquirrelBoy

    Free Nikwax !!!!

    Spotted this little jem, you have to do a little work (answer questions) but you can win free products ! At the moment its a bottle of TX Direct :-D I have just won some - Yippee Enjoy
  8. SquirrelBoy

    Petzl LED ??

    This question is along the lines of the other post `Maglight LED` I have a Petzl Micro head torch that im thinking of changing to LED but am not sure of how too, do any of you guys know of any kits/links etc? I fancy the Tikka plus but was wondering if I can do anything with this one...
  9. SquirrelBoy

    Disposing of waste

    Never having caught any `live` food myself, let alone despatch it - I was wondering... How do you dispose of the unwanted remains of your kill be it a fish, bird or rabbit etc.. Where Ray put the left overs of that reindeer on his Telemark program, heaven knows ! Do you burn it, bury it ...
  10. SquirrelBoy

    Money saving... !

    Thought this might be of interest, its a site I keep an eye on as it flags up ways and deals to save money ! Its He is totally independant so doesnt earn anything from you. It has a loads of great tips etc on all the latest deals going. It has a forum so...
  11. SquirrelBoy

    Woodlore Hootchie

    Ausi hootchie has been reduced to £35 - its a special offer to clear stocks so be quick. Its the olive green varierty. Also they are doing hootchie cord £10, 4x4m thin guy line & 1x7m thick ridge line. Hope thats of interest :-)
  12. SquirrelBoy


    As im not someone who has access to a back garden to light fires etc, I was wondering if getting an allotment from the local council would be a good idea. Here I could light fires and cook food in different ways - in a pit with hot rocks etc. Grow wild plants to see what they look like at...
  13. SquirrelBoy

    Splitting wood

    I`ve been out gathering some wood to make a bow drill set and am having problems splitting it. It wont split evenly and goes into a twist - not much fun when you want to get a hearth out of it :-? Im using a Frosts Mora and a wood batton, could it be the blade bending? Any ideas what im...
  14. SquirrelBoy

    Birch Sap

    Just been out in my local woods and had my first taste of birch sap. - fantastic ! I made a little `tap` from a twig, then pushed this into the cut in the bark id made with my knife. The sap flowed quite quickly and very soon I had a enough to drink. It really does amaze me when nature...
  15. SquirrelBoy

    More TV stuff...

    Saw this program on tele last week, might be worth a watch Danger! Incoming Attack , Channel 4 , 19:15pm A tounge-in-cheek factual series about the presenter extricating himself from extreme survival situations... well thats what the program guide says !
  16. SquirrelBoy

    Deliverance.... The Film

    I watched this film many years ago, long before I got the bug that is Bushcraft. I can quite clearly remember thinking (while watching..) that wouldn`t it be great to do the same thing. A bunch a friends going on an adventure in the wild, canoeing down a river and a spot of hunting, sounded...
  17. SquirrelBoy

    Ray Mears` Country Tracks

    Hi all, Just spotted this program on my EPG - Ray Mears` Country Tracks BBC2 on the 22nd Feb - 21:50 - 22:00 so he`s only on for 10mins. Bit off topic but SAS Desert - Are You Tough Enough? is on this Sunday 15th Feb 20:00 - 21:00 also BBC2. So set those VCR`s .... :-)
  18. SquirrelBoy

    TREE RATS.........

    welcome, seems the old lag~~~hands tell all the newbie mods about some dancing girls or some such but I think it's an urban legend.... Andrew akaJustin ps Hope you're not still sore at me for pipping you to that millbank bag on eBay a while back :oops:
  19. SquirrelBoy

    Not another newbie...

    Hi all, mind if I join your camp fire? A little about myself, Im a lover of the outdoors esp as I work out there. Gary might remember me - "The Postie" on a Ray M`s course... Main interests apart from the obvi, are Snowboarding,Walking, and Field Archery. Have been a avid fan of Ray M since...