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  1. nephilim

    Medieval kit?

    My daughters school is doing a medieval fayre in 2 weeks, and I've been asked to attend because of my bushcraft skills and how they would have been helpful to the medieval man. Whilst I have the attire and some of the kit, I am missing various items and was wondering if people knew where I could...
  2. nephilim

    Shaving kit

    So, this technically falls under bladed kit, but what does everyone use for shaving when out for extended periods, and then for at home? I've moved away from disposable razors, the Gillette style razors and safety razors and moved to a straight razor, but I know for practicality sakes it's not...
  3. nephilim

    2 small camp axes

    I have 2 small camp axes. Both have been used but I find them not to my liking anymore since having a gransfors SFA. They're good small axes but I personally don't like them any more. One comes with a hand stitched leather sheath, and the other with its standard mask. I'd like £30 for both...
  4. nephilim

    Survival tips book

    This book is no longer in print, and I'd like £5 for it to be delivered to your door. Edit Price dropped because someone kindly let me know it's cheaper elsewhere so I've made it a bit more competitive.
  5. nephilim

    Tapatalk not working properly

    So I've tried on 2 devices, and reset the app etc, but everything on tapatalk is blank for this site. Whether I'm logged in as a guest or as myself, it's blank.
  6. nephilim

    Anyone use or need a pickaxe?

    I have a pickaxe I found in my shed (whilst dismantling it). Its got a bit of surface rust, but it is otherwise fine. I'm just not sure what to do with it. Any suggestions?
  7. nephilim

    Leather pieces of varying sizes

    These are predominantly small sizes but would be good for a scrap leather creation like a small bag. I've used various pieces out of this set of similar dimensions to make myself a holder for my sharpening puck and a piece to replace the leather for my sling shot. They're good pieces, but...
  8. nephilim

    Clear Out sale (mostly non-bushcraft)

    Jack Daniels Collectors Coasters from 2011 - £3 shipped 3x Kilner Jars plus stand - £15 shipped Gym Ball with footpump - £10 shipped Car Seat Massager - £30 shipped Christmas lights - £5 shipped Mini Air compressor - £15 shipped 3x Ikea chopping boards - £3 each shipped or all 3 for £8...
  9. nephilim

    Lansky knife sharpener

    I have here a 4 rod knife sharpener. Never been opened. Was purchased to be used on the go but I have a better kit for me personally. Paid £35 for it. Would like £20 for it shipped to your door.
  10. nephilim

    A cheeky request

    Does anyone have any bone pins, antler handles, sinew and such that a stoneage person would have used that I can have? Doesn't matter the condition, will be used to show the materials rather than any practical purpose. Can cover postage, but that's about all I can afford :(
  11. nephilim

    Teaching my daughters class about stone age v modern age

    So thanks to my daughter, I've been roped into teaching her class about the difference of stone age equipment and modern age equipment. Equipment I've decided to bring in. My recurve bow (will not be strung so it can be passed around and the children can have a look). My axe and a comparative...
  12. nephilim

    Lansky Knife Sharpener - PS-MED01

    Almost new - doesn't suit my hand. Paid £9.29 for it from amazon, would like £6.42 (thanks Mesquite!) Its this model, just does not have the packaging plastic it came in...
  13. nephilim

    Kit clear out.

    I have various items that I would like to sell. I'll be upfront now and say the catapult was received from a member on here after I was mugged, however I've not used it since February after getting one that suits my hand better for my birthday. Ideally I'd like to sell it all for £30 posted too...
  14. nephilim

    JES friction folder

    I am extremely reluctant to give this up as it is a beautiful knife. It's been a pleasure to have this knife and I am truly sorry it's come to this, but I need the money to pay a huge bill. I would like £55 for it to be posted to your door. I've taken this knife with me for nearly every trip...
  15. nephilim

    Kristophish Knife

    Forged from a farriers rasp black g10 handle with red liners, £120 (reduced to £85 now) to your door. I have a major bill to pay (car repair) and unfortunately, this has to go as I have another knife I can use in the meantime. Its a lovely knife, and I love using it, but needs must. I have had...
  16. nephilim

    My daughters first fire

    She's standing proud next to a fire she started. It's windy and rainy, so didn't last long (and was smokey as hell thanks to the rain), but was awesome to see her do it. She used tumble dryer lint as the tinder. Small dead branches from a standing dead tree as the kindling And finger...
  17. nephilim

    Non bushcraft - draytek vigor 2830 router

    I've had this for about 6 months. Not to my liking. Comes factory restored, and with power cable. I got a replacement router (newer model with WiFi). Brand new sells for £179.99 I'm looking for £110 posted to UK mainland only.
  18. nephilim

    Ray Mears show in Dunstable ticket x1

    Got a ticket available. Selling for face value + postage (or buyer can collect on the day). It is at the Grove Theatre, Dunstable. Seat number C21. Thursday 24th March - 7:30pm Total price is £21 for ticket plus £3 for registered mail if you want the ticket posted.
  19. nephilim

    Cannot post in member sales?

  20. nephilim

    South Bedfordshire meetup

    Pending authorisation from the land owner, would anyone be interested in a spring Bedfordshire meetup? I suggest spring as it won't be too cold, won't be too hot. Suggesting Late April / Early May. I know it's way early to plan, bit I've got to consider my family circumstances and such like...