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    Pig killing and processing

    Hiya, sorry for the delay, a few mishaps and other events. I think it's called life. All of the work is carried out on the little wagon (carutsa)
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    fruits of the forest tea.

    Hello everyone, Just got a new dehydrator. Anyone made fruits of the forest tea? I seem to remember seeing an article somewhere using the leaves of raspberry and blackberry and blackcurrant etc. Any help appreciated.
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    Pig killing process.

    we've had more than one lol.
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    Pig killing process.

    cheers, thanks for looking.
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    Pig killing process.

    It is onion and leek and some of the lesser cuts of meat minced up, salt and pepper. Different folk have variations. Thanks for looking.
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    Pig killing process.

    Thank you, I have now put a bit of description with the pics.
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    Pig killing process.

    Hello everyone, I said quite a while ago I would post pictures of the whole pig killing process. Well I'm finally getting round to it,lol. I'm stuck in Germany for a bit after a car crash. No-one hurt fortunately so I have some rare spare time. I've put the set on Flckr so all I have to do is...
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    Article: Quick Cheap Pocket Stove To Make

    Greetings from South East Bulgaria. Read this then made several an hour later. Great idea mate and thanks for sharing. I also filled one with used vegetable oil but that was not as good as the candle. I'm going to cook bannock and something else on one and video it this week, The tins I...
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    Hello from South East Bulgaria

    Hello there and welcome to the group. I can help with some of what you want. I also live in Southeast Bulgaria. Send me a message when you like and we can have a chat. You are right about the endless fruit but there are plentifull mushrooms too and herbs. If we ever get rain again lol...
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    Native american indian names!

    I like mine, Welcomes Strangers, and I do funnily enough. Good fun, I enjoyed reading some of the others.
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    Native american indian names!

    I like mine, Welcomes Strangers, and I do funnily enough.
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    Hello from the Wild North

    Hello and welcome, funnily enough was just talking to my mate tonight about going fishing up in Shetland,lol. He's been and I haven't lol.
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    Beach camp/wildlife watching.

    Enjoyed that post, thanks for sharing.
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    Hello again from restored laptop, lol

    Hello everyone, as the post said I was without for a while there but now back to normal. I am not in Bulgaria at present but the UK, lol. Barn Owl, sent you a pm, hope to catch up and have a gab. I hope everyone is well as I am in the pink. Regards J
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    Moules Mariniere:

    Excellent, I like a wee bit chilli in too. Watering mouth here.
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    Storm Dodging Scouts...and Cubs

    Well done, as a former Scout/Venture Scout leader I know the effort and work that goes in to such things. You have a thriving group and the kids will remember these days forever. Good on you and your team.
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    Ouch,moan,eek,arrgh,yepl,grimm ace!!

    My sympathies, got a wee touch of them myself this last couple of weeks. Drinking loads of water has eased it but I think beer is getting added to the intake
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    Just another newbie

    Hello and welcome. Us. Normal people? bit strong that is it not, lol
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    All is well in the world :)

    Keep that one lol. Lucky you.
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    unmistakable fungi

    Shaggy inkcap,cep of course,giant puffball,chicken of the woods,field mushroom. Parasol done in beaten egg,breadcrumbs and grated cheese with a fried egg on top mmmmmm. Bolete's and saffron milk cap. Och, any that I can identify, dried for use later or done in breadcrumbs as a...