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  1. dorkingbushcraft

    Nordic outdoor

    Has anyone had any issues or heard from them recentley? ive sent them several emails regarding a dodgy product but had no response over the past week.:confused:
  2. dorkingbushcraft

    what to use?

    i would like to get something to use for knifemaking but dont have much money to spend i was thinking on getting a cheap bench grinder, but they are hard to grind a straight bevel with, but can that be sorted out using files. or should i just get an angle grinder?:confused:
  3. dorkingbushcraft

    dirty handles?

    its a bit of a dim question, but how do you clean wooden handles of mud, dirt etc. i can never get all the dirt off thanks joshua
  4. dorkingbushcraft

    handy man
  5. dorkingbushcraft

    How to live a simple life

    thought some of you might be intrested like i was joshua
  6. dorkingbushcraft

    army hammock?

    has anyone had any experience with one of these? what are they like? how comfy? thanks joshua
  7. dorkingbushcraft

    ray mears (this will get loads of views now)

    just been watching this (again) and i think its just summed up bushcraft 0:55 secs in
  8. dorkingbushcraft

    what ive been up to this week

    not my best but no harm in posting them new hobo line spoon made from birch cooking spoon made from sycamore new kitchen knife for mum and a box made from some spare bits of pine thanks for looking joshua
  9. dorkingbushcraft

    juniper berries

    Does anyone know if its possible to get dried juniper berries? Thinking of doing a venision stew tomorrow. thanks joshua:dunno:
  10. dorkingbushcraft

    Snowdon nov 09

    just posting some pics from my charity hike in november 09. went up on the watkin path and came down along the west ridge then cut down along the old railway tracks, total time 5hrs so i was quite pleased. thanks for looking joshua
  11. dorkingbushcraft

    stainless or carbon?

    i would like to know the dis/advantages of stainless & carbon steel blades thanks joshua
  12. dorkingbushcraft

    were to get leather?

    whats the best to buy leather ive heard that ebay are good
  13. dorkingbushcraft

    cheap ration packs?

    does anyone know where to get cheap ration packs online ? :dunno:
  14. dorkingbushcraft

    your camp setup?

    hi all , was just thinking about camp setups for 1-2 nights as i have quite alot coming up and was wondering wat everyone eleses camp setups were like and wanted to know if anyone's got some good setups or setup tips thanks joshua:camping:
  15. dorkingbushcraft

    wanted mora clipper 840

    hi anyone got a clipper up for grabs will swap it for a 2m wide fishing umbrella stye shelter can be used for sleeping etc.
  16. dorkingbushcraft

    umbrella shelter

    yesterday i got my hands on a old fishing umbrella and was wondering if anyone knew how i could make a shelter out of it. cheers joshua
  17. dorkingbushcraft


    evening everyone, i was thinking are opinel's good for carving ? cheers joshua
  18. dorkingbushcraft

    any suggestions?

    you have £80 to buy bushcraft equipment in summer to go alongside your saw, hammock, tarp, knife, axe, and clothing, what would you buy?
  19. dorkingbushcraft


    i have an old sleeping bag i want to use as my dd scout hammocks under blanket would it be effective if i just put it inbetween the two layers of my hammock? :hammock:
  20. dorkingbushcraft

    mears book...

    Ray Mears bushcraft survival hardback book, mint condition cost me £20. more info here http:// somthing like a small billi would be good but please suggest what you may want to swap