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    How long did your trousers last?

    You can most often find military field trousers and jackets made out of 50/50 "NyCo" fabric, which is usually sateen instead of twill. Also, CORDURA NyCo is used by various workwear companies.
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    How long did your trousers last?

    Some Martindale readings for different kind of general outdoor fabrics as collected from a 1986 Finnish study: Cotton twill, 8-9 oz/ft2 = 25,000 - 47,000 50/50 % Polyester-cotton twill, 8-9 oz/ft2 = 25,000 - 90,000 Wool gabardine, 9 oz/ft2 = 50,000 - 83,000 60/40 % Polyamide-cotton twill, 7...
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    Finnish Wool Trousers

    If someone still wants Finnish Defence Forces wool trousers and/or jackets, leather boots or similar before the Brexit, now is the time. Shipping from Finland to the UK would be around 22,90 € for 4-5 pairs or similar (c. 10 € per pair with shipping). Trousers are available up to EUR 56 (roughly...
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    Finnish hermits and other films from Finland

    Free Finnish feature length "bushcrafty" films and series with English subtitles. - Noidan kirot | "The Curses of the Witch" (1929). - Vihreä kulta | "Green Gold" (1939). - White Reindeer ("Valkoinen Peura", 1952). - Unknown Soldier ("Tuntematon Sotilas", 1955). - Talvisota | Winter War (1989)...
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    For Sale Finnish Model 12/3 "Kemi" Axe

    Another Billnäs I am willing to apart. This is restored with new birch haft and paint.
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    For Sale Finnish Model 12/3 "Kemi" Axe

    Selling Finnish Model 12/3 "Kemi" Axe with lacquered birch handle. Total length with handle is 40 cm or around 15.5 inches. Weight is about 1.2 kg or around 2.5 lb. Blade with is 8 cm or a bit more than 3 inches. There are no cracks, deep pits or similar major faults on the head. There is a bit...
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    Finnish Wool Trousers

    Sent PM for both of you.
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    hard wearing wellies that will last

    Sievi Light Boots should cost around £60 and are favoured by many hikers and hunters in Finland. They also have excellent policy regarding minor or major defects (even without a receipt), at least in Finland.
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    Finnish Wool Trousers

    8/58 = c. 104 cm (41 in) waist, for c. 180 cm (6 ft) tall person. 8/60 = c. 108 cm (42.5 in) waist, for c. 180 cm (6 ft) tall person.
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    Finnish Wool Trousers

    They have been selling these new-old stock trousers for 5 € (c. £4) for years now, so they might run out of them any day now. Hopefully the stocks will last at least a year or two more.
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    Finnish Wool Trousers

    The largest sizes I have occasionally seen are 58 and 60 EU. These also have around 5-10 cm more fabric to the waist if you take the seam apart and resew it.
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    Finnish Wool Trousers

    These trousers are still available as new-old stock, please send me a PM if someone needs help getting them.
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    Looking for a Lukkha pattern

    The scanned pattern is from Finnish book Lapin käsitöitä / Sami kiehtatuojik by Karen Jomppanen. It also includes short sewing instructions and third luhkka pattern. Please, send me a private message if you're interested of scans from this book.
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    Any Finnish speakers ?

    This is somewhat common misconception in Finland. So called A1 syllabus is mandatory beginning of the 3rd grade (1st grade after 2020), but it can be any foreign language (Swedish is not counted foreign) the school offers. However, vast majority choose English as their first foreign language. A2...
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    Size 13 feet

    You can still buy Finnish Defence Forces welted jackboots and combat boots up to size c. 51 EUR or around 15 UK. I have a few of these in smaller sizes.
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    Fur ruff for Norrøna cotton smock

    You could buy raccoon dog (Nyctereutes procyonoides) pelts from Finland and make your own. One large pelt will make one good or two lesser ruffs. Since raccoon dogs are hunted for being pests, their pelts cost far less than e.g. imported coyote pelts from Canada.
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    Base Layer

    Finnish Defence Forces used 100 % cotton underwear from the late 1910s to the early 1990s, when they were replaced with the M91 underwear consisted of 50% of polyester, 33% of cotton and 17% of modacrylic. During the Continuation War, there were some long-range reconnaissance patrols that used...
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    For Sale NOS Finnish Tools, Clothing and Equipment

    Yes, but the final prices will naturally be higher do to the higher shipping costs. Please, do send me a PM if you want an accurate quote.
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    For Sale NOS Finnish Tools, Clothing and Equipment

    It's about 1.4 kg or 3.1 lb with haft.