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  1. Warthogiam

    Karesuando knife to swap

    Would like to swap my Karesuando Boar with Firesteel and sheath for a poncho liner or similar hammock liner. Sheath has slight indentation which is visible in the photo. Good edge and feels good in the hand If anybody interested in the knife and have something else they may want to swap...
  2. Warthogiam

    Displaying knives in public

  3. Warthogiam

    Displaying knives in public

    I recently attended the Bushcrat show at Elvaston castle and was slightly concerned at how many people were carrying knives and sharps around the public areas. I appreciate people were wild camping at the show as was I but I did not see the need to carry my knife, axe or machete around in full...
  4. Warthogiam

    Leather sheath making

    I'd like to have a go at making a leather sheath for a knife. Could somebody give me some advice on where to get and what is the best type of leather and twine to use.
  5. Warthogiam


    Has anybody ever had a hammock fail on them whilst sleeping? Either the webbing or the material. If so what injuries if any were sustained and do you still use a hammock?
  6. Warthogiam

    Head torch bargain

    I' m new to the forum and am pleased to find like minded people. Thought I'd tell you about my best bargain kit discovery. Bought a head torch from for £12.50 as a back up to my expensive Petzl. It is now my main head torch and the Petzl has taken a back seat. When I first saw...
  7. Warthogiam

    Newbee where is Rough Close?

    Hi new to the forum. Into tarp and hammock wildcamping and messing about with wood. Wouldn,t mind meeting up with like minded people. I see there is a midlands meeting at Rough Close soon. Where is this and is anybody welcome? Do you camp there what do you get up to? Would appreciate somebody...