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  1. Rod Paradise

    Custom OS Maps. Custom OS Maps. Might use this for some wallhangers.
  2. Rod Paradise

    Instant Mancave/workshop

    HAven't checked the lottery Nos yet, but a moderate win and I'll be for this.... Demountable Box : Workshop Cabin Body Type:Box Body...
  3. Rod Paradise

    What gives you the thrill when spotting wildlife?

    British Red's thread about the curlew flock, and my excitement at seeing one up here (Southern Uplands, Southwest Scotland) for the first time yesterday made me think. Wildlife spotting. When you see something what gives you the buzz? I get an extra thrill if it's rare, or new to me, or a...
  4. Rod Paradise

    Eustace Conway (mountainman) facing charges over Bushcraft school

    Shocking small-minded behaviour from the County Officials (so nearly misspelled that). Trying to find the petition to post up a link....
  5. Rod Paradise

    Amazing fish trap on Yukon men on discovery....

    Gigantic fish wheel - lifts salmon out the water and drops them in a box - guy's setting one up to catch salmon as dogfood as well!! Must be a really big salmon migration to be able to catch like that....
  6. Rod Paradise

    DIY woodstove heat exchanger/

    Quite an interesting instructible & the lucky ones with real workshops might find it useful: I can download a pdf version if someone wants to give it a go.
  7. Rod Paradise

    Shaving Axe?

    I know there's many different axes for many different jobs, but a double bit shaving axe???? Kelly axe salesman is shown above demonstrating the keen edge of his product on a Ranger School student During the late 30’s, traveling salesmen would try to show their superior goods”...
  8. Rod Paradise

    Tatonka Tarp 2 Simple - 35% off No conneection, just noticed the sale email from Tamarak
  9. Rod Paradise

    Muurikka cookwear camping range:

  10. Rod Paradise

    Muurikka cookwear camping range: Nice small frying pan without a handle allowing you to use a stick. Other pages have some interesting stuff - nice smoker & a slightly curved bakestone which looks good. Anyone any experience with them? No connection etc.....
  11. Rod Paradise

    Copper mugs/measures? Any idea of original use?

    A friend bought a job lot of antique stuff - loads of old tobacco tins, medicine packages etc - included came these: 1/2 pint, 1 & 2 pints marked on them. Anyone an idea on their original use? Thinking they'd make really nice billys, or even for kitchen use.
  12. Rod Paradise

    Grinding bike build

    A friend of mine posted up the story of his Da's building a Grinding Bike like he used to use to do sharpening back in the day. Hope you enjoy it..... v=aAG9dn5tFTc
  13. Rod Paradise

    Bullet lighters - Trench lighter

    Anyone know where you can buy these. Bid for a couple on ebay, but to no avail so far. Anyone know if anyone makes realistic replicas anywhere? Thanks, Rod
  14. Rod Paradise

    Local Calendar Photo Comp - my entries

    The local arts centre has an annual photo competition with 12 picked for a calendar that they sell at Xmas. Last year some great shots got in, I thought I'd have a go this year: Wanlockhead from the Southern Upland Way: The Crawick Water Rainforest: Sunset over Snowy Sanquhar: And my...
  15. Rod Paradise

    Axe and bowl adze combo - from the movies...

    From Snow White and the Huntsman (I know, I know, I'm blaming the girlfriend).... Quite liked the axe/adze combo (best pic I can find at the moment) - don't know how usable the bowl adze end would be on that great big axe though. Unless there's another use I can't think of. As for the film - a...
  16. Rod Paradise

    New gadget for the bushy tea lover? The teastick: [/LIST] Not the worst idea & saves on bag disposal? BTW I'd try and find another soource - think geek orders are all getting hit for import taxes as...
  17. Rod Paradise

    Quitting it all and moving to a 'desert' island...

    a couple of guys who've managed it: Well done to...
  18. Rod Paradise

    What should you do if an adder bites your dog?

    Got an aggro wee border terrier cross, and having finally trained her well enough to walk her off the lead, I'm venturing further out into the hills - into adder territory too cold at the moment, but when it warms up they'll be about. I KNOW she's not going to go into retreat if she meets an...
  19. Rod Paradise

    Bushcrafter found dead in Highland bothy Sad story, hope it's not a friend of board members.