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  1. Rod Paradise

    Could I have become allergic to forests.

    Since I was the only one who mentioned an epipen, I'll point out that I began with agreeing with the advice to see his GP - and my mention of epipens were in my description of my suddenly changing allergies, nowhere did I suggest anyone else use one unless prescribed. And having had 2...
  2. Rod Paradise

    Could I have become allergic to forests.

    It's very possible to develop an allergy - and with worse symptoms. I agree with those who suggest your GP, an asthma reliever should help make an attack less severe and might buy you time for the anti-histamine to work. It's not something to mess about with though - at New Year I'd to go to...
  3. Rod Paradise

    The League of Pipe smokers!

    Sad to see GQ are closing :(
  4. Rod Paradise

    The League of Pipe smokers!

    That's one that hadn't occurred to me - like it!!
  5. Rod Paradise

    The League of Pipe smokers!

    If anyone wanted to try out the cigar pipe, Morgan's have collaborated with Missouri Meerschaum to produce a corncob version. $18.99 in the USA, worth asking GQ about getting some in, they stock both Morgan's and Missouri Meerschaum. I...
  6. Rod Paradise

    Food storage for meets.

    I got a new Igloo Marine coolbox for a weekend at the Scone Game Fair (aim was more cold drinks but certainly kept bacon & hotdogs and a tub of spreadable butter nice and cold too). It was about £45 and had impressive performance, I put 6 bags of ice in on the Thursday night & still had ice on...
  7. Rod Paradise

    A big thank you

    Well done Hamish, my Mum still uses the 'Book of Wisdom' you made for her (through this forum as well) & it's ageing nicely, with marks from kitchen use, occasional dusting of flour etc. I've been off the forum for a while & missed you moving to D&G, hello neighbour (if 60 miles can be...
  8. Rod Paradise

    Gone Fishing

    Keep an eye out for any Game Fairs around you, I was just volunteering at the Scone Game Fair (near Perth), and they were taking people out for a one on one introduction to fly casting all through the 3 days.
  9. Rod Paradise

    Midge repellent recommend

    Your Dad was a wise man. I go bat watching near Drumlanrig Castle some evenings (at the bridge you cross going to it, 2/3 species, flying above you & below you) and have stood in a fog of midges, smoking a bowl & left alone, but conscious they were going to have me when the pipe runs out :D...
  10. Rod Paradise

    The League of Pipe smokers!

    Even Morgan's Bare Bones will not be reject briar, the guy takes his pipes and quality seriously. I emailed his site about the mouthpiece in my briar being a wee bit loose & he replied personally first thing the next morning (California time). Samon, the briar is a great outdoors pipe, my goto...
  11. Rod Paradise

    The League of Pipe smokers!

    Indeed he does, cheers. After payday I'll give him a call to see if he's any bent outdoorsmen :rolleyes: in stock.
  12. Rod Paradise

    The League of Pipe smokers!

    I buy my supplies from him or King of Smokes depending on what I'm after. Would love it if he got some of Morgan's Bare Bones series in.
  13. Rod Paradise

    The League of Pipe smokers!

    And at a good price compared to $ price & import taxes.
  14. Rod Paradise

    The League of Pipe smokers!

    Just been reading the thread & catching up on the forum (a long time since I've been on the board, life interfering with things unfortunately). I'm still smoking the pipe, and have expanded the collection. Tobacco of choice is a Century Buttered Rum/Maduro mix. The Collection is now: Main...
  15. Rod Paradise

    Sourced a major part of "the self sufficient laundry"

    Just don't put a kilt through the mangle - my Dad still talks about the smacked lug he got for that bit of 'helping' when he was a boy......
  16. Rod Paradise

    New program about the Scottish Winter

    If you have Sky it will be in the 960-980 range in the channel guide. 970 I think (can't check as I'm in Scotland), should be viewable on iPlayer as well.
  17. Rod Paradise

    How to turn an android phone into a dedicated gps device

    Aye, it's not the worst idea - old android phone, make it dedicated device, maximise power usage and have a dedicated device that you can use without being too concerned if you lose/break it..... Think I'll dig one out and give this a try.
  18. Rod Paradise

    Falcon's eye view of hunting ... Wow !!!

    Great footage, interesting difference in technique, with a stern chase approach instead of sending the bird high and stooping approach. Suppose the relative speed and agility of the bustard against the grouse would account for that.
  19. Rod Paradise

    Tudor Monastery Farm: Coming to BBC2

    Thanks folks, always learning something on here.
  20. Rod Paradise

    Tudor Monastery Farm: Coming to BBC2

    I tried googling a gresset & couldn't find anything Tom, could you explain please? :confused: