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  1. slammer187

    Instant charcloth from a paper towel

    Haha I'm flattered that someone has found use from my videos :P If you want to light a tinder bundle I find that the best thing to do is to hold the glowing cloth in the tinder bundle without blowing on it to create a larger ember and then blow it into flames or the best thing I find is that if...
  2. slammer187

    Wood-gas stove for developing countries

    I made one a few years ago, works well....instead of insulation I used a second tin to increase the Venturi effect.
  3. slammer187

    ammo box forge.....DONE!!!!

    Very nice, I assume you have forced air added to the setup yes? :)
  4. slammer187

    flint and sleel

    Any high carbon steel that has been hardened such as a file for example.
  5. slammer187

    Woodgas, how does it work?

    Do you have any pics of your stove Karl? The BushBuddy/Cooker is a TLUD stove, It is lit at the top and the gas travels straight out the top of the combustion chamber and never enters the innerwall, the only reason of the 2 can design is to achieve the Venturi effect and force air into the...
  6. slammer187

    making a knife on commision- step by step

    Very well done, top job :)
  7. slammer187

    Spoon knife/ crooked knife

    Spoon knives have a curve for carving spoon bowls, crooked knives can vary for different tasks.
  8. slammer187

    diy spoon knife

    I have and it's a very simple process, here's one of my own videos if that will help you :)
  9. slammer187

    Cleaning pots after using on wood burning stove

    I just use charcoal from my fire...
  10. slammer187

    The 2011 "Bucket List"

    Become a sailing instructor :)
  11. slammer187

    2 films on at the cinema

    I've seen The Way Back and it is a brilliant film, there's also lots of interesting little Bushcrafty bits in it like using birch bark to start fires etc...
  12. slammer187

    Mid range knife

    EKA have some nice knives :)
  13. slammer187

    Whetstone prospecting

    Quality review there Robin and spot on :)
  14. slammer187

    Got any snow yet?

    A few cms here in Ireland!
  15. slammer187

    Greetings From Ireland - also :)

    Hello there, It's nice to see some more Irish members on the forum! :)
  16. slammer187

    How on earth do i cut out the hole for my hobo?

    Assuming you don't have a Dremel or angle grinder, grab a pair of wire or tin snip and stick them in between the sections of metal that join the holes. Squeeze hard on them and try and bend the sections of metal joining the holes and do this all the way round in a rectangle. Once they're all...
  17. slammer187

    steel toe caps

    I have a pair of Gore-Tex Lowa boots up for trade in the swap shop, they're not steel toed but Lowas are always bombproof :)
  18. slammer187

    Whetstone prospecting

    They are great stones, I have three and they're all very consistent as far as grit goes, they leave an extremely polished edge, to compare it to a Japanese water stone I'd say around 6,000 possibly below or above, I've ran some sharpish blades over the stones and been left with hair splitting...
  19. slammer187

    Good bushcraft spots in Ireland?

    Check out this site