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  1. Dougster

    For Sale Adrian Lloyd long sloyd

    Not long had this, and discovered it just isn't being used. It is a beauty and hardly used. Just a few cuts. I use the Mora and the extra few millimetres just make me on edge. I recently paid £95. I would like £85 please.
  2. Dougster

    Sold GB Hatchet

    I am selling my Gransfors Hatchet as I have an Alex Pole English pattern one which I adore. This has a full head mask made by me from 4mm leather. I bought this just before lockdown from Pro Adventure in Llangollen. I made them get them all out so I could get the straightest head. I would...
  3. Dougster

    For Sale Zamberlan Latemar boots 44

    I bought these during lockdown 1. I had been hankering for some years after these as they are the best marriage of new technology and traditional quality. 2.8mm leather, vibrant shock absorption soles they are wonderful... except for my stupidly wide feet. I have just been measured up for boots...
  4. Dougster

    Opinel pouch

    I have recently become rather attached to my Opinel knives. I bought one for my father for fathers day and my wife's father got a pruning one. Both had belt pouches. I recently went on a timber frame course and when the instructor got his out of his pocket he went home with a pouch too. I also...
  5. Dougster

    Sold Mask and sheath

    I have one GB Small Forest Axe mask and matching Bahco Laplander sheath for sale. I would like them to go as a pair but will split if not. £55 the pair or £30 for the mask and £35 for the pouch. It is full grain 4mm veg tanned leather from metropolitan leather, my favourite, dyed walnut, which...
  6. Dougster

    For Sale Knife sheaths

    Four sheaths for 4 inch blades. The left two will fit Mora companion as well. Right too are narrow and will fit Woodlore type. £30 all in.
  7. Dougster

    For Sale Leathergoods.

    I have quite some stock built up as I haven't done any shows for a while. All prices are inclusive of fees and postage. Two possibles pouches. Light brown with yellow thread, walnut with natural thread. C6 inch high bt 7 inch wide by 3 inch deep. Extra D ring means dangler loops or a body...
  8. Dougster

    Sold NALLO 4 GT

    The life laundry continues. We hope this is pre move and downsize. Our kids are now undertaking independent adventures so we need a range of tents so we can go independently. Possibly the mother of all 4 man tents, 4kg and a huge porch. We bought the footprint with it that can easily roll up...
  9. Dougster

    Sold William Lennon boots

    These are beauties. They are some of the best made solid boots I have ever come across. I have developed arthritis in my knees and found that certain insoles help nut these are a size 9 and fit me like a glove. I am a 9 1/2 and want to buy the next size up to put the insoles in. I have just mink...
  10. Dougster

    Sold Lundhags Bjerg low 43

    I have had these a year or two but they have been in the wardrobe for two years. I just don't get on with them and go back to the Haglofs ones all the time. Very very little wear as shown in he photos. £110 to your door.
  11. Dougster

    New knife for me.

    Recently found one of the discontinued Brisa Trapper in D2 which I love. A friend kindly stabilised some Ash from Caersws for me and I slapped it all together over red liners with Brass fittings. Up here and unable to get home for the last 18 months I am suffering Hiraeth rather badly, so...
  12. Dougster

    Buying from Brisa

    I have been a Brisa customer for quite a few years. My latest order is on the way right now, consisting of orange g10, red and black acrylic and a slack handful of corby bolts. I have had Fed Ex on the phone, saying they were going to report my order to the weapons department of customs...
  13. Dougster

    Sold Hilltrek organic ventile shirt.

    During the first lockdown I bought a Braemar smock and this shirt. I have the email from Dave to promise it is the organic version and they forgot the label if the buyer wants to see it. I have tried it on twice over a t shirt and never worn it. I would like £105 for this please. Cheaper than...
  14. Dougster

    Sold Filson waxed hat xl

    I have had this for some ten years and have worn it once. It has nestled under my Akubras the whole time as it is against the liking of my wife. 60cm tan, rewaxed with Barbour wax as I couldn't stand the rancid smell of the Filton wax in the hall. photos of the inside of the headband to show...
  15. Dougster

    Sold Ladies berghaus down jacket sz 14

    My wife's. Not worn for years but it must be at least 10 years old and kept in a wardrobe with a bag over. Sort of a mid grey colour. Matt, almost silent finish. £40 all in.
  16. Dougster

    Sold Barbour Bedale 46

    Bought recently on a whim. I am about to have a jacket clearcut so I have no idea why. £50 please some wear but plenty life left and a medium weight fabric.
  17. Dougster

    Weekend sanding

    I bought some knife blades, one from here and a few from Brisa and stuck on some handles over the last week or two. This weekend I sanded them, oiled them, sanded them more, oiled them more..... Quite pleased with this. Local elm, cross cut oak and rippled oak. I have to make leather sheaths...
  18. Dougster

    Sold Woolpower

    As seen here: Opened, tried on. Up at the same price. £70
  19. Dougster

    For Sale Silnylon tarp

    Made by Unsponsored on this forum some ten years ago, this has been tricked out with elastic and thin guylines so it can be taut without being under too much tension. It is very well made. 3m wide and 2.3 m long along the reinforced ridgeline. The lash points are all reinforced with dyneema. It...
  20. Dougster

    Sold Tarptent

    This is an incredible weight. I have had this about ten years and it has been used twice. It is a forerunner of this tent: And is in great condition. I would like £120 to your door please.