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    Anyone on here....

    ...Make air rifle stocks ? Rob
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    Wooden tool box/caddy

    I'm after a wooden open top tool box, that has sections or dividers & possibly a drawer underneath. I'm not the worlds best wood worker, & while i could make a serviceable one, i could'nt make one with a drawer, & it would'nt look the best either. So any idea's where i can get one ? Rob
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    Wasp nest

    Today while working, i strimmed a wasp nest(by accident), they were out like a shot in a big cloud of them, they were fast, but this old boys still got some moves on him & i was faster, & survived the incident unscathed. Is it just me or are there more about this year, looking through my books...
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    Air rifle

    I posted a few weeks ago, on some one else's thread that i was thinking about getting one, well i finally did, after trying all sorts, i settled on a HW100kt, in 22, this is a pcp rifle, the first time i've had anything to do with them, what a revelation !. I got to shoot it today on the...
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    What is the name of the company...

    Whats the name of the company that canvas equipment ?, i'm after a shoulder bag. Rob
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    Weirauch hw35

    Are these now old school or still considered a good rifle ? , i wanted one when they first came out but never got one. I'm thinking about getting a rifle again but i'm seeing in the adds, makes & models i've never heard of, would a 99 be a better option ?, i'm thinking of a .22 spring powered...
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    Things you see in Lincolnshire...

    Just got in from a walk. As i was passing Byards leap cafe, i saw parked there, a BSA goldstar, a BSA goldstar in a Norton frame(Norsa ?). Walking across the fields, i saw 8 buzzards soaring on one thermal, i was able to see both Belvoir castle(using bino's)& the tower at Raf Cranwell, & when i...
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    50 gallon oil drum....

    Picked up the above yesterday, its had engine oil in it, does anyone have any safety tip for cutting it ? as I don't want it catching fire !, will oil do this ?, or am I safe just to take an angle grinder to it ?. Regards, Rob
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    Just noticed Andy hasn't been on for over a month, has anyone heard from him, is he ok ?. Rob
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    New trailer

    Just pulled the trigger on a new Ifor Williams trailer, I've gone for the lt85, with caged sides & full width loading ramp, I traded in my 2yr old caged 7x5 Paxton for it. I'm excited, but no one else is, so posting on here to share my joy !. Rob
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    aquaglide inflateables

    I was looking at the above today at the caravan show, anyone got one or any experience of them ? Rob
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    camping pods

    Anyone got one ?, we are considering one for the garden. Rob
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    Cherry wood

    I cut down a large cherry tree today, & part of it was very nicely spalted, so is it any good for knife scales ?, also is it good for wood turning( I don't) as the logs from it seem to nice to go as fire wood. Rob
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    Buffalo belay jacket

    Buffalo belay jacket(no hood) size 44, this measures 60cm pit to pit & 50cm across the waist, its blue, has been used ,but has no rips/snags or pulls. I'm not good the techno stuff but could send photo's to your phone. Looking for £40 all in please, Thanks for looking. Rob
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    I got one for Christmas(Bresser 70/700) & have been setting it up today, however the images are upside down, anyone got any tips/ideas/knowledge of these things ? the instructions are quite poor. Rob
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    Blackberry gin

    Just found a bottle of blackberry gin that I made 2years ago, it could be a heavy night...... Rob
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    winter boots

    I'm suffering with cold feet, so I've been looking at the army cold weather boots & the German mountain boots. Trouble is the Lowa British army boots are a bit high, I like the look of the mountain boot, but the sole looks a bit "clumpy" any thoughts ?. Rob
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    cold today...

    It seems that cold today, I've had to get the swannie out of storage/ Rob
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    Alpkit brewkit

    I got the above stove a couple of weeks ago, but didn't have any gas(son was going on exercise & "borrowed" them...)to fire it up. Finally got some today, & got a rolling boil in 4 mins 10 secs, not bad for a litre of water. Rob
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    Alpkit brewkit stove

    Just seen a review of this stove, which seems to be like a jetboil but retails at £35, anyone on here got one ? Rob