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  1. Stew

    For Sale Pots bivvys and more.

    Black blanket please!
  2. Stew

    What is this wood?

    There is no way they are yew. Too much sap to heartwood for a log that size.
  3. Stew

    Fire pistons, what's "the knack"?

    Are those that hand it to you able to produce an ember?
  4. Stew

    Fire pistons, what's "the knack"?

    Are you putting Vaseline on the o rings as well? I find a very fast hard whack is needed, not too much tinder. Hard to say without seeing you do it.
  5. Stew

    Fallkniven NL4 irregular lamination line

    It’ll get dirty, it’ll get scratched. It’s just a character line.
  6. Stew

    Fallkniven NL4 irregular lamination line

    What’s the issue? the lamination doesn’t hit the cutting edge so will never be a problem in use.
  7. Stew

    softwood strop question

    My wicked edge sharpener has balsa strops....
  8. Stew

    Ha! It had so many folk on there that were banned from BCUK and/or BB with lots of negative sniping back about here or BB. They could never quite get over it.
  9. Stew

    The names.. Bond... James Bond..

    Changing 007 to female wouldn’t be right to me and I’m glad others there say the same. I would just go for a different 00# female as a lead role in a new film. It’s good to see they have a step towards that in this latest film.
  10. Stew


    Yes, the later books are not as good as the first! A real shame. Burned out eyes from nukes, if I remember it right?
  11. Stew


    That’s the one. I saw that film as a yoof before having read the book then with enough time after to read the book myself.
  12. Stew


    Does look good! I rewatched the previous attempt recently. Did make me chuckle but oh such a bad attempt.
  13. Stew

    Reflective GITD tape?

    Cyflect is great stuff!
  14. Stew

    Petrol and Diesel Shortages

    I suppose the bonus with this is there’s only a certain amount most folk can panic buy. Toilet roll and food they could have a garage full but not likely to get many who will get more than an extra fuel cans worth.
  15. Stew

    Minimalist / barefoot outdoor boots

    Freet have just added some more boots to their range. Look to be more grippy and taller.
  16. Stew

    This is what it is like at Postgrad level....

    Practice! lots of buildings to see everywhere - they don’t need to be old to practice a sketch.
  17. Stew

    Fox skeleton articulation (attempt!)

    It was only a foot high. There are a couple on eBay - much higher price than I paid as a yoof!
  18. Stew

    Fox skeleton articulation (attempt!)

    I had it!
  19. Stew

    Minimalist / barefoot outdoor boots

    I see very mixed views on skinners. I’ll be interested to hear how you get on with them.
  20. Stew

    Pocket carry munchies

    Yeah, but it’s not really chocolate. There are other countries that say ours isn’t either but I’m ok with that!