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  1. sandbag47

    Group Buy DD Hammocks group buy 2021

    Hi All, I am going to do yet another DD Hammocks goup buy. I was hoping to start at the beginning of March. But this is not possible with Nick from DD. So I will be starting it at the start of April. ok folks Sandbag47
  2. sandbag47

    DD challenge.

    I had this pop up on my YouTube. DD challenge to keep you busy whilst on lockdown. Put up a 3x3 tarp into the shelter below in the quickest time.
  3. sandbag47

    Group Buy DD Hammocks group buy 2020

    DD Hammocks group buy 2020 Hi All I hope you are all well !!! As requested here is this years DD hammocks group buy. With everything that is going on I am a little bit half hearted doing this year's GB. But folks have asked for it, and if it gives folks something to look forward to when life...
  4. sandbag47


    Hi folks, I have some DD stuff for the moot to sell. All money's will be going to charity. A Fenner charity or Drew's if no Fenner one. Just in case there is any interest out of there :)
  5. sandbag47

    Group Buy Ghillie kettle Group buy 2019

    Ghillie kettle Hi Folks, I have a 40% off group buy from Ghillie kettles. It is for the non anodised and hard anodised kettles and kits. This dose not included any hobo stove's (unless it is apart of a kit), silver anodised kettles or the Mkettle's. Here is Thier website...
  6. sandbag47

    cooking tuna in its tin

    Hi All, I was looking at a outdoorsie YouTube video the other day. And the gent on it was showing what he carries in his bag. He mentioned a tin of tuna that he had for cooking in it's self. And spoke about it like we all should know about it already. That got my attention as I had never heard...
  7. sandbag47

    Group Buy DD group buy 2019

    Hi All The good thing about doing these every year is I can just copy and paste from previous years ;) Hi heres another DD group buy. I might as we start it now ! It will run for about 4 weeks or till there is over fifty people in the group buy. It is the same as last years offer of 20% off...
  8. sandbag47

    Ghillie kettle is going to get on the telly.

    On the 27th of Nov, On show called, UKTV series 'Made In Britain' on channel ITV4 at 8pm Going to show how a Ghillie kettle is made.
  9. sandbag47


    After Maggie and Phil's wedding. Rumours of the another wedding between Jeff and John Fenner
  10. sandbag47

    Its for charity mate.

    I've got two hammocks and two tarps from DD hammocks to sell at the moot. They are all seconds. The good news is all the money from these will be going to charity (not sure which one yet) Anyone interested let me know. I have other stuff as well but none of that is for charity, so not putting...
  11. sandbag47

    GB Finished DD Hammocks group buy 2018.

    Hi All, Just to let you know this year's DD group buy will be slightly late starting. It will start on the 12th March. More information later. Ok folks Regards Sandbag47
  12. sandbag47

    Ghillie kettle group buy 2017

    Hi all,  Ok I'm doing another group buy for Ghillie kettles here’s their link I'm still loving these kettles We can get 25% off the price list plus P&P.  There is no minimum amount of people to get this GB. So as soon as you have paid your order will...
  13. sandbag47

    DD group buy 2017

    Hi All It the same as last years offer of 20% off all DD products on the websit. Except already reduced combo deals on the Special offers page.  *If under £20 then only 10% off this is due to shipping costs.   Heres the Website. Some New products for this year include: ...
  14. sandbag47


    I can belive it. I just tried to book my hols for the moot. And all the places are taken up in my works holiday dirty. Do not moot this year. My girls aren't going to like this. Bother bother bother :(
  15. sandbag47

    Ghillie kettle group buy

    Hi All Here another group buy for a Ghillie kettle. Thanks sandbag47 Here’s Ghillies web link As I have said many time before I love these Kettles, I have one or two of these as well as an Mkettle, and do most my cooking and boiling water on them when...
  16. sandbag47

    DD Hammock Multicam Tarp

    Whilst doing my yearly DD Hammocks group buy this year. I was chatting with Nick from DD about his MC tarps (MultiCam) as there were plenty of them being ordered. He was telling me that he still has people confusing the old camo tarp with the new MC one. So I thought I'd use the excuse to put...
  17. sandbag47

    DD Hammocks group buy 2016

    Hi Folks Just to let you know this years DD hammocks group buy starts on the 1st of March. I can give no more information till then Sandbag47
  18. sandbag47

    Another Ghillie Kettle Group buy :)

    Hi All, Steve from Ghillie Kettles is doing a bit of a deal with his kettles at the moment. I can get ten of each of his Aluminium kettles at a massive discount. The Adventure normally goes for £49.95. At the moment I can get it for £36 Inc postage. The Explorer is normally...
  19. sandbag47

    Ghillie kettle

    Hi all, Ok I'm doing another group buy for Ghillie kettles here’s their link We can get 20% off the price list plus P&P. There is no minimum amount of people to get this GB. So as soon as you have paid your order will be sent out. The payment methods are...
  20. sandbag47

    DD group buy advertising

    As every year I always get someone say they didn't see my DD group buy, I have put this up :) Here is a cheeky heads up letting folk know that I am advertising in the group buy forum for this years DD group buy that will start in the beginning of April Hopefully this will help folk out :)...