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    Anyone on here....

    ...Make air rifle stocks ? Rob
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    Safety Work Boots - Recommendations Please

    I mostly wear walking boots in the summer, but got a pair of screwfix rigger boots last winter for a dirty job we had to do, for £20 & intended to throw them away, they surprisingly turned out to be waterproof & comfortable, but the leather did stretch so i now have insoles in them. For the...
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    Change to the law

    The "serrated" bit is a concern, saks leatherman etc have the saw blade....My leatherman has been modded so the knife blades don't lock, but the saw does, the saw on my sak farmer that i carry every working day in a belt sheath, doesn't lock but its serrated.... Rob
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    Quote of the Day. No Discussions or Comments please.

    "Speed gets you nothing but big garage bills"..... my dad 1975. & how right he was... Rob
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    Wooden tool box/caddy

    Many thanks, Rob
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    Wooden tool box/caddy

    Many thanks for posting that !, that is the sort of thing i'm looking for but slightly bigger. Rob
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    Wooden tool box/caddy

    I'm after a wooden open top tool box, that has sections or dividers & possibly a drawer underneath. I'm not the worlds best wood worker, & while i could make a serviceable one, i could'nt make one with a drawer, & it would'nt look the best either. So any idea's where i can get one ? Rob
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    Air rifle

    Just picked up a tin of H&N ftt pellets, so will go th the range at Waddington tonight & see how they compere to the AA's. Yep they really are a great rifle Rob, but i think its spoiling me ! Rob
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    Molle type around 30 to 40l recommendations please

    I've got the karrimor sabre 30, which has replaced my old karrimor hot rock, its the same pack, just a different name & some molle on it, check around for price as it does vary. Rob
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    Wasp nest

    Today while working, i strimmed a wasp nest(by accident), they were out like a shot in a big cloud of them, they were fast, but this old boys still got some moves on him & i was faster, & survived the incident unscathed. Is it just me or are there more about this year, looking through my books...
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    Air rifle

    Many thanks, at the moment i'm shooting AA fields through it, & it seems to like them, but i will look out for some jsb's. Rob
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    Air rifle

    I posted a few weeks ago, on some one else's thread that i was thinking about getting one, well i finally did, after trying all sorts, i settled on a HW100kt, in 22, this is a pcp rifle, the first time i've had anything to do with them, what a revelation !. I got to shoot it today on the...
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    Anyone got Ridgeline gear?

    I have 2 monsoon's, the smock & one that fully unzips, i love them they are storm proof, but they do run a bit warm, very well made. Rob
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    mid-high end folding knives

    Have a look at the Randall range of folders on the HH site, they are very good value for money. but not legal carry. Rob
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    Lymes..... early treatment response

    Speaking to a vet nurse re ticks, she said that she was taught that the infection does'nt occur until the tick "spits back" when its finished feeding, it doesn't normally happen under 48hrs. However, the most common one effecting people is the nymph stage of the sheep tick, which is about the...
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    Awesome bike micro camper

    Like other folks i like the idea, but feel that a trailer towed by a bike & filled with more conventional camping equipment would be more practical. Rob
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    pocket bushcrafter im working on

    Its a fine looking knife Mark, but i can't see what you are worried about, you make & sell some fine fixed blade knives, so surely its buyer beware, & i think you should offer the option of a locking pin, to be purchased seperately. Rob
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    Bulldog Brand Nesting Billy Pots

    Good catch, i got a similar set a few years ago, they were still in the original box(70's). Rob
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    Chest pack help

    That sort of thing is available in various sizes/colours & styles from Victoria's secrets...... Rob
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    Multi tool carry

    Hi Chris, sorry i missed your reply. I've just got back, i was'nt aware of Pargon, though i did walk most of Broadway. I found 2 retailers of Leathermans & both stocked every model under the sun, but neither had the knfeless rebar, with one of them saying, he's had one in for months, & could'nt...