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  1. SimonM

    Injured tawny owl - Now rescued

    UPDATE: The rescue centre have posted on their Facebook page that: "Tawny owl had another good night will move her into hospital aviary tomorrow and get her ready to go back to the wild were she belongs" Even better, I've been invited to the release! :cool: Simon
  2. SimonM

    Lovely day today

    Hoping for another nice day tomorrow! Red sky at night and all that!
  3. SimonM

    Injured tawny owl - Now rescued

    I did ask to be kept informed...I'll update the thread once I know anything. Simon
  4. SimonM

    Injured tawny owl - Now rescued

    Today was a bit of an admin / tidy up day for school groups as it's half term, so a bit of peace and quiet. I was just about to set to and tidy up our outdoor stores area when something caught my eye...movement where there shouldn't have been any. on closer inspection, I found a Tawny...
  5. SimonM

    What a Brilliant School

    I do something very similar for a local SEBD school... Weekly visits by pupils who are introduced to Fire lighting, air rifles, food prep, campfire cookery etc, etc. I've put a few pictures up on my Facebook page this morning. Link here if you want to have a look. Simon
  6. SimonM

    Lovely day today

    We've had a mixed day...hail, rain, wind and sunshine...but I don't care 'cos my "office looks like this!
  7. SimonM

    I'm back...or...The Prodigal Son returns!

    Thanks for the welcome's good to be back!
  8. SimonM

    Scout activity & PR Day

    Today I was lucky enough to be involved in a PR day for my Scout County of East Lancashire, where Radio Lancashire hosted a full three hour outside broadcast from our campsite, Bowley. My involvement was to instruct a group of Scouts in how to prepare a trout for cooking over the fire...which...
  9. SimonM

    New Stuart Mitchell knife

    Thread resurrection time... Despite having (cough) a few knives, this continues to be my main user and belt knife. Used almost daily for a variety of tasks, like battoning kindling for the regular Kelly Kettle sessions that I run. Edge retention is great, with a little TLC on the strop every...
  10. SimonM

    Twodogs wool bush shirt ,,Season 2 ........

    I'll hang on, but if you get any thick wool, can you let me know?
  11. SimonM

    Twodogs wool bush shirt ,,Season 2 ........

    Hi Cliff. Thanks for the welcome. Is thick wool expected anytime soon (ish)... I'm in no great rush, so can wait. Simon
  12. SimonM

    Change a Letter

    Spilt ...
  13. SimonM

    Hello fellow bushcrafters

    Hello & Welcome!
  14. SimonM

    Hello from Rossendale

    Hi Tony, welcome to the forum. If you need any help, I'm only down the road from you in Burnley...
  15. SimonM

    I'm back...or...The Prodigal Son returns!

    Hi All, Just a quick re introduction & update as I haven't been around for a while...This return was inspired by two long standing members on here, one of whom I had a chance Twitter encounter with and the other made one of his famous bushshirts for a good friend of mine. Anyway, this got me...
  16. SimonM

    Change a Letter

    spike (he always gets the blame... :rolleyes:)
  17. SimonM

    What did you buy today?

    I've just taken delivery of an Exped Synmat 7LW to replace my 20 year old Thermarest. It's not a like for like swap as these days I tend to basecamp rather than the extra pack weight & bulk of the new mat don't really matter, as the car is usually parked next to the tent! First...
  18. SimonM

    Twodogs wool bush shirt ,,Season 2 ........

    Are you still doing these Twodogs...A friend of mine recently bought one & I have jacket envy! Simon
  19. SimonM

    Greater Manchester Bushcraft Group November Meet

    I'm hoping to get to this one...I don't get to enough meets these days.
  20. SimonM

    Drew's Birthday Bash, Middlewood Scout Camp, Worsley

    I'll be there...miss the daft bugger at this time of year!