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    Boot resoling

    Looking to get two pairs of Austrian army combat boots resoled. One pair the heels run out of rubber, the other pairs just old and slippery will be going the same way. As you can see both pairs of boots are in perfectly good nick, other than needing a good clean and a chamois. (Dirty camera...
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    WD40 to waterproof boots?

    Anyone ever used WD40 to waterproof boots? Looking up the ingredients it's pretty much just mineral oil. Some magical mixture of baby oil, vaseline and paraffin wax. Considering trying it but ive just spent FOREVER cleaning pine tar and beeswax off my hands from doing my boots earlier. Sent...
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    Bargain base and thermal layers

    British army t-shirts and also the long sleeved thermal "vests" and long johns Are made of coolmax/airtex style fabrics, can be had for a few quid. £2.50 in the bargain bin at my local surplus shop, not much more online in very good grade 1 condition. Very good. British army combat...
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    Gaiters and tall boots? Yes? No? Why?

    So, i'm just wondering if there would be any benefit of wearing gaiters with tall boots? Why do a lot of militaries still issue gaiters when they're a pain to wear with most military style boots? Would you wear them with tall boots? Considering most boots are of leather construction, why...
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    Tbs salamander cook kit

    Just treated myself to the tbs bottle cook kit with salamander stove. As far as first impressions go im impressed. I'm yet to field test it, i'll give a proper review next year once i've been out n used n abused it a bit. (Stainless is stainless steel btw, of course) Included in the kit is: Tbs...
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    TBS bottle cook kit or alternatives

    The bushcraftstore have started making more of their own kit recently and ive been keeping my eye on its progression. (Their version of the canteen cookset caught my eye at first) I've got my eye on a bottle cook kit which comes with a nesting bottle and cup set with a bail handle and lid for...
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    Winter Bushmoot details wanted.

    From what i've seen of previous bushmoots they look very interesting and nice places to go for a week camping out in the great outdoors, surrounded by like minded individuals! I'd probably be very interested in coming to the winter moot this year, been keen for a while to attend one of these...
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    Austrian army combat boots

    Some really nice surplus boots going around at the moment all over the internet for a good price with most sizes readily available. Supergrade/grade 1 boots Welted commando soles. 2mm cowhide leather Smooth leather lining around inside of toe box but it's an unlined boot. Bellowed tongue most of...
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    Choosing a saw

    I've been into camping and bushcraft for a few years now and i've mostly made do without any form of saw for wood processing. Other than occasionally taking a bow saw. I have seen how useful they can be for getting cleaner cuts, processing firewood and general bushcrafty jobs and projects. I...
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    Mosquito headnet as camouflage

    Just wondered if anyone here that needs to camouflage themselves for hunting/wildlife photography has thought about using a green mosquito headnet as a face veil. Wearing camouflage is pointless if you leave your bare skin exposed, a mosquitoe headnet in combination with a brimmed hat...
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    Heartwarming thread about a lost knife

    Just stumbled across this thread and read it from start to finish and I urge anyone who sees this to have a look. It starts off with a man hoping to trade a knife and well, I won't say anymore. Brilliant stuff
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    Natural medicine from plants in the UK

    Basically, I am wondering if you good folk here at BCUK could enlighten me on natural medicines that can be found in the "bush" here in the UK. What species i'm after, how to collect and make it and what it treats plus the negative side effects. Or recommend me some good reading. So far google...
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    Two good quality and good value blades.

    Just a bit of a review for you The weekend just gone I recieved my jaakaripuuko 110 knife. Having owned the Skrama beforehand for possibly 2 years as my go to bushcraft/camp knife I was excited to get my hands on it. For a first impression i'm very happy with it after having a play in the...
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    Cold steel special forces shovel

    Does anyone have a spetsnaz or cold steel 'replica' shovel? What do you think of it? I've seen a youtuber who was the winner of 'Alone' season 3 using one for just about everything and it looks like a versatile bit of kit but just thought i'd see what you good folk thought. They're...