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  1. J

    Another alcaholic feast " SWEET POTATOES "

    Ingreadients Sweet Potatoes Rum Butter brown sugar Cinamon Roast the Potatoe as you would jacket pots - slice in half - lightly mash the potatoe with the butter wilst still in there skins - sprinkle with a little brown sugar - a pinch of cinamon- one desert spoon of rum divided onto each...
  2. J

    Flour and weevils

    Question - How do weevils get in to flour - is flour safe to use that has weevils
  3. J

    survivor man

    Survivor man tonight nine on discovery
  4. J

    turkey eggs

    Someone at work today asked why is it the big supermarkets dont sell turkey eggs I dont know why does anyone on here know why this is ( Ive eaten turkey eggs couldnt tell the difference with hens eggs )
  5. J


    Has anyone any experience making MEAD
  6. J

    thankyou and merry xmas

    just like to say thankyou to every one behind BCUK that keeps all of the coggs oiled and turning many thanks and happy xmas to every one the SCRIVY
  7. J

    another who remembers

    Who remembers the tv series Robinson crusoe it was a french series dubbed in english it also had a very calming theme tune recently played on radio two,s chris evans show in one of the shows he demonstrates an unusual bow drill set up .
  8. J

    les stroud tatoo

    just seen les on you tube the pacific one does any one know what his tatoo is left upper arm
  9. J

    clock change

    I dont suppose im the only one to notice but BCUK dont seem to have ajusted there computer clock or have I had one to many
  10. J

    venison cooked in a hog roast style

    just wondered am picking brains here for a forthcoming repeat-- Essex meet --GRAND DINNER-- has any one tried and knows and could give advise please -cooking a small Deer ----- hogg roast style over an open fire has any one done it advice would be very welcome
  11. J

    A very wild dinner ( THE TIMES )

    Just brousing through the times page 38 Quite an interesting Dish of the day ---Macaroni with Door mouse and Thrush sauce Ingrediants : 1 edible door mouse -8 thrushes--1 kg skinned tomatoes--1 clove of garlic 1 onion--chopped parsely and basil--half glass of dry red wine salt and peper 1...
  12. J


    Has anyone used Mallow for cooking and what were the results --- I have heard of a resipe using the leaves and garlic
  13. J

    hawthorn jelly

    I have just had a go at making hawthorn jelly Just wondered how many BCUK peeps out there have had a try ----I collected in a carrier bag added water and mushed up in the bag got some fine netting or the building site and sived through--colected in a saucer and spead flat it solidified very...
  14. J

    Ginger beer

    has anyone on here had a go at making ginger beer ( a ginger beer plant as they were known years ago )
  15. J

    ray mears on richard and judy

    Did any one catch RM on the show tonight Didnt know about the helicopter crash
  16. J

    A few different dinners in the woods

    The Green stick barbaque we cooked steak >The tripod and pot we had Lamb stew and we also spit roast a leg of Row deer I think
  17. J

    How to skin a rabbit

    There is a tutorial simular to the very good fish prep thread Just google how to gut a rabbit and go to the River cottage link sorry should have put this in the fair game bit
  18. J

    bow drill made easy

    please find pictures of my easy to use bearing block for bow drill notice the bearing
  19. J

    meet ups in Essex

    does any one know if there are any meet ups in the Essex area
  20. J

    A Rolled up canvas seat HELP

    I have a pease of canvas about 1msq with sown edges and eyelets in each corner has any one got any idears how this could be fairly quickly turned into a chair or stool for using in the woods using parra cord or timber cut from the woods any idears would be most welcome thanks